Dienstag, 3. April 2018

The Streets of the Algarve

I will continue with my Portugal Series. As I told you in the posting before I decided to create a series of three different topics about my time at the Algarve. The last time it was about the people of the Algarve. This time it's about the streets of the Algarve. About the streets, architecture, doors, doorknobs and housefronts of the Algarve to be exact.

I really liked the mixture of super clean pretty houses and the absolutely abandoned house that fell apart. I know we have that in Germany too. But it looks different. Different colours.

The streets were so narrow. Many times we lost our way with the car in a town and ended up in a super narrow street that really was a pickle to get out of again. I'm not sure the navigation system was really our friend or just acted like it.

I was in love with the doorknobs that were almost at every door. So I made a collection. xD

The little marketplaces and town centrals were usually full of life. Even in a very small town. Always someone was sitting somewhere in the sun, taking a break. I think we all should take it slow sometimes. Maybe more often. Usually then when we think we shouldn't we should take a break. That's actually one of the reasons I did this holiday...

The next blogpost will come up soon later this week. About my last topic: The nature of the Algarve. Stay tuned ;)


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