Montag, 3. Juli 2017

It's okay when it's not perfect

I'm still doing my analogue project, Timemachines and shooting film with a simple analogue camera. It doesn't look anything at all how I want it to look so I have to try out new things I guess. Still I have some photos developed I really like and want to share with you.

Here are some of two recent films I shot with my CANON AF 35M II. Kind of a best of:





And here are a few I made with a single-use camera.

What do I like about shooting analogue photos? Well, I like that I have to think first and have to look closely of what I want to take photo of. Usually it doesn't look like I imagened it and that is what I also like about it. That you can't see immediately how it looks. You have to wait for it. I also like that the photos don't look perfect, you know like Photoshop & Co. They usually have a little mistake. A little blurriness, a scratch on the film, the film ended maybe in the middle of the shot, different colourshapes. I don't want it to look perfect, because that's life.

Cheers on that~

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