Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017

My trip to Denmark!

 I went on a one week trip with my mum and brother to Denmark. To the halfisland Als to be exact. We stayed at a holidayhouse with a large window front and in walking range of the beach. My plan was to read a lot, colour in my colouringbook, listening to audiobooks, taking photos. And I did all that. Also a lot of Yoga in the garden, outside. The air was completely different than in the city. It made me very tired the first days.

We walked a long many beaches, our beach was in Skovmose, but we also went to Fynshav, Mommark, Vibaek Molle, Horuphav. I tried to collect of every beach something, a stone, a shell. I also found five 'Hühnergötter' (Chicken gods). In northern Germany it was believed that they protect you and bring luck. They used to hang them infront of doors, so they would rattle if someone comes.

We also went to see some castles and mansions in Sonderborg, Nordborg, Augustenborg. I was really suprised how the danes don't take care of these old houses so much. Also in the villages and harbours is not so much for tourists actually. I had the feeling the danes prefer to stay for themselves and don't go out as much.

But I didn't mind that. I cooked in the evenings for my mum and brother and enjoyed that very much as well. We played cardgames and watched DVD together and went for evening walks at the beach. I enjoyed the time I spend with my brother.
 There was alot of nature, free long breaths, clean air. It really regenerated me a bit and when I came back I felt different and needed time to adjust. It was like I was away for weeks although it was only one week.

Next trip, London. My dear friend Sarah will marry her Jon and she invited me and my boyfriend. I really can't wait!


Montag, 3. Juli 2017

It's okay when it's not perfect

I'm still doing my analogue project, Timemachines and shooting film with a simple analogue camera. It doesn't look anything at all how I want it to look so I have to try out new things I guess. Still I have some photos developed I really like and want to share with you.

Here are some of two recent films I shot with my CANON AF 35M II. Kind of a best of:





And here are a few I made with a single-use camera.

What do I like about shooting analogue photos? Well, I like that I have to think first and have to look closely of what I want to take photo of. Usually it doesn't look like I imagened it and that is what I also like about it. That you can't see immediately how it looks. You have to wait for it. I also like that the photos don't look perfect, you know like Photoshop & Co. They usually have a little mistake. A little blurriness, a scratch on the film, the film ended maybe in the middle of the shot, different colourshapes. I don't want it to look perfect, because that's life.

Cheers on that~