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Walk with me in the daylight. - Tokyo, Part II

Let's continue! I needed some days to go through the jetlag. I think I needed at least a week for that. Also after all this time I still felt the cultureshock. I have been to Japan two times before that and even lived there for a year. And still it overwhelms you. Every mushroom rings, every machine talks to you. So many people around, everything screams at you in another language, so many different colours and lights. I was so tired in the evening and I always slept like a stone.

Originally we planned a small trip to Kyoto, but the travelagency we booked that with was very inflexible and unfriendly. So we cancled it. Instead we spontanouesly made a Fuji-Tour. My friend Jessica has a job at such a touragency and invited us to join her Fuji-Tour she was doing at a very sunny Sunday. I though it was a good replacement for the Kyoto trip, since I have never really visited Mister Fuji. We were very lucky. Fuji-san wasn't shy that day and showed us his best side. There were many stops with the Fuji-Tour but lake Kawaguchiko was my favourite of course because it had the best view.

Two parts of the city we were quite often: Shinjuku & Akihabara. Funny, because back in my time they didn't used to be my favourites but now I really came to like them. I guess because I looked with an different eye? We walked around a lot there, went into the Anime-shops and the gaming-halls. Looked at stuff and people. I came to like taking photos of the people in the gaming halls. The gaming halls themselves had a very special feeling. Some felt very lonely and sad and some felt full of life and fun. It was interesting to observe.

Some of my favourite spots in Shinjuku were Piss-Alley and a shrine that was right in the middle of all the chaos of Shinjuku.

Also the Shinjuku Government Building. There you can take the lift up to floor 48 and look over the city for free. Tokyo Tower and Skytree cost money, especially Skytree is very expensive. When there is good weather you can see the Fuji. When we were there we could only see a shadow but it was still very beautiful.

One sunny day we took the train out to Odaiba. It's a new and artificial part of the city. I had forgotten that it even had a beach and how pretty it could be. Usually I didn't like it there because it doesn't feel alive. A little like the Hafencity in Hamburg. But by the beach it was very nice. We saw a couple taking wedding pictures there, it was very cute. And we could see the famous Ranbow Bridge.

On one of our last days I planned to see several shrines and temples I wanted to see again and also have never seen before. Also I wanted to visit my old friend the Tokyo Tower. Jessica and Nici joined us. First we were at the Hie Jinja Shrine in Akazaka. I wanted to go there because of the Tori-alleyway.

Then we went to the infamous Yasukino shrine. You know the one everyone fusses about once a year when the president or someone important of the japanese politicians goes there to honor the dead of the war. They also honor warcriminals. It's kind of a symbol of denial. But it had pretty cherryblossoms so I will show you that instead.

The last one was my favourite: the Zojo-ji temple. I wanted to go there because of the statues of children. Each one stands for a dead child someone lost. It's kind of a sad place but also somehow very important and powerful for me. I don't know why. Close by is the Tokyo Tower, which is also very special for me.

On our last night we went out with Jessica. We went eating Okonomiyaki. It was fun and delicious. After that we searched for a special bar I found on the internet. We wanted to drink some VERY good cocktails. The place is called Ishino Hana Bar and we can only recommend it. When we walked down the stairs there was a closed sliding door which looked closed. When we opened it carefully the whole small room fell silent and everyone looked at us. The small, very small bar had at least 6 waiters. 3 infront of the bar and 3 behind. They were very well dressed and showed us to the only table they had. The drinks were very good. I remember I had the Lions Tail and an Earl Grey Martini. We were impressed and had a lot of fun. It was great for the last evening.

I needed quite some time to process the whole trip. There was so much we did, see, ate... Now, after it is over I can really say that it was an amazing trip and I'm so happy Spaceboy and I did that together.
I hope you enjoyed my blog entries about it.


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