Montag, 13. März 2017

She wants to be born again... - Tokyo, Part I

After all these years I was finally able to come to Japan again. 8 years. A lot has happened during that time and I wondered, how it might feel to me now that I have changed again... and again. How much would have changed? Would it have changed? Happily Spaceboy joined me to travel to Tokyo to spend 2 weeks there. 2 weeks just us and Tokyo.

I barely know where to start. We saw and did so much everyday. Sometimes I didn't even know how to process everything but I try my best to tell you a little bit about my journey. My photos will help.

We booked an airbnb on the west side of town, Yoyogi. It had a great view over the Yoyogi Park, calm neighbourhood with two supermarkets, several combinis (24h mini-supermarkets with stuff you could always need) and some restaurants and bars. Two different trainstations were just a 2 minute walk away.

The first day we just walked around the neighbourhood quite jetlagged. The park and Harajuku were in walking distance, so we walked there and I showed Spaceboy my old hood were I used to hang a lot, Takeshita-dori. Nowadays it probably wouldn't be my favourite part of town anymore but I remember 8 years ago I really loved it there. It's kind of a small shopping street for usually young people and teens. So today it's quite too much teenie for me but I found 4 pairs of socks I really wanted to have. Some streets further into Harajuku we found a small David Bowie exhibition with photos by Mick Rock.

Because the Meiji Jingu-shrine is close by in the middle of the Yoyogi-Park we went there as well. We witnessed a marriage ceremony which I have never seen before.

In the park we saw something myterirous: a man playing a trumpet against a tree. Does anyone know why he does that?

 The following days we where quite a lot in Shibuya. I wanted to show Spaceboy the famouse crossing which looks quite diffrernt when you are standing on it and don't see it from above like you usually do in movies, TV and stuff. I was happy that some things I used to know where still there. But we also found new places like a skater shop where Spaceboy spend quite some money for some really great shirts. We went several times there and the guy at the cashier always laughed when he saw Spaceboy with another shirt again. I really enjoyed the feeling I had in Shibuya.

During our time, we also met some friends of mine. First Jessica, who I studied Music Management with, and who does Working Holiday in Tokyo at the moment. We went out a lot, ate a lot and walked around a lot, seeing new places. I was really happy we could see each other so often.

We also met my good friend Nici, who also lives in Tokyo at the moment. With here we went to Ueno and Asakusa. We had a stroll through the Ueno Park, the shopping streets close by. She told me that japanese people actually see Ueno as the towncentre. Probably because it's one of the older parts of the city.

After that we also walked around Asakusa and the Sensoji-Temple.

Did you know how you can see what a temple and what shrine is? Jessica told me.
This is a temple because of these very big archways (Sensoji for example).

This is a shrine, even when it's big, but because of the thin legs and everything you know it's a shrine (Meiji-Jingu for example).

I was also able to see some old friends of my time 8 years ago again. First Norimi, a japanese pianist who really enjoys playing the cembalo and loves Bach. I used to practise german with her. We met in Yokohama, strolled around China Town, and had tea in a chinsese teahouse. We also went to the harbour. It was very windy but also very beautiful.

And we went to Bernd's Bar, where I used to work, and I saw my old friend Seiji, who used to be bartender there, and my old Boss Bernd again. That really made me so happy. I also was able to see the cook again, who was also cooking there during my time, Ken-chan. He was going back to his homecountry, Burma, and I was there just in time to say goodbye. He lived 25 years in Japan to earn money for back home. They were like a family for me and it felt like it was 8 years ago.

This was the first part of my Tokyo-story. I hope I will be able to write the next part soon.

Thank you for reading!

Cheers, mates~

P.S.: Well, it felt like fate that the Bowie exhibition was in town just in the time when we were there. I was able to see it already 2 years ago in Berlin, but Spaceboy didn't and so I bought tickets for the one in Tokyo. It was very much amazing again, also slightly different because he sadly isn't on earth anymore, but I liked how they showed that in the exhibition. (I want to point out the mini-tiramisu with a Bowie-Bolt on it.)


  1. noch mehr wunderschöne momentaufnahmen ❤ ich mag sehr, wie gut deine bilder dieses japanische feeling rüber bringen, das man sich vorstellt wenn man an japan denkt.

    und die tempelbilder mit der hochzeit! ich bin verzückt ;_;

    1. Vielen Dank! Über das Kompliment freue ich mich sehr ;__;