Montag, 2. Januar 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years, guys! I hope you had such a wonderful celebration like I did. :)
It was Ninas birthday close to chrsitams so she chose to celebrate it again on new years eve. This time with a theme: 20s & 30s. Such a great theme and it was so much fun to look for clothes for it. We made a lot of photos that night but I try to present the very best ones.

Of course we made outfit and couples photos. Kind of a tradition by now. Although I always feel awkward.

A lot of was going on and the food was absolutely delicious! I think we were around 18 people. Pino, the little chihuahua, was in the centre of everything.

After we watched Dinner for one for the last time, it was midnight. We went outside and lit some sparklers and other fireworks.

Then we also poured some tin to read our fortunes and had fortune cookies. Mine said that I will have some great journeys this year. Perfect for our Japan travelling plans.

It was such a great night. Thank you!


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