Montag, 2. Januar 2017

Busy Christmas!

The december was the most stressful and busy month of the year. I guess it is like that when you grow up, eh? I don't know. It just was really busy and I had the feeling that I couldn't manage to get anything done really. Also Christmas itself wasn't really much of an holiday, because we were invited each of those three days somewhere else... But I tried to make the best of it and enjoy it as much as possible without stressing me out too much.

But first we had a christmas dinner for ourselves. Me, Joscha, my brother and my cousin. We also invited Marie and Nina, because they are kind of part of the family. We bought a christmas tree, decorated it, had a lovely dinner table and cooked parts of a bird with the typical stuff and a nice desert. It was a very lovely evening.

Well, Christmas eve: I was at at my mums with my little brother. It was like it always is. We arrive. Decorate the christmas tree and place the gifts under it. Then we sit down, play games, watch TV until mum goes to church. We stay and watch over the bird in the oven and change for the evening. Then mum comes back, changes as well. The first course is prepared, we had pastries with ragout. Then the main course with the bird, we listen to christmas music. We play cards again. Then we roll dice on who opens a present. When you have a one or a six you can open a present. After all the presents are opened, we have desert and maybe watch a christmas movie. I somehow like it that way very much. Just the three of us.

The first christmas day me and Joscha were invited to his grandmothers home to dine with the family. It was my first time over there and I was nervous but also excited. We had a very nice meal: First a soup with truffle ravioli, second a salad with pastries, third roast saddle with chestnut mash and as desert mousse au chocolat. It was a very lovely evening.

Second day of christmas me, my brother and Joscha took the train to my dad. We had dinner again, went for a walk, talked a lot.

Still, after all this eating, drinking, driving around, it wasn't possible to get anything done. I should stop lamenting I guess and just be grateful for this time that has been given with the loved ones.

I hope you all had that time this year with the people you love.

Cheers, mates~

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