Freitag, 29. Dezember 2017

Before the year ends

Developed another film about a month ago but didn't have the chance to share it with you yet, because I got sick. Before the year ends I wanted to show it to you. It was shot with the Minolta SRT 303, the film was the Kodak Portra 400.

Most of them were made in London back in September.






Also some I made at the Ohlsdorf Cemetery and around Hamburg to get the film full.



The colours are just the way I like it.

Hope you will have a great New Years eve!


Sonntag, 26. November 2017

Impressions of the year

I finished up some films recently and I developed the first. I wanted to show you the result of which I'm quite happy about. It's probably the oldest film. It was started in Japan this year with the Canon AF 25 M and there were quite some nice surprises on it. It's kind of some small impressions of my year 2017.




My bae

Just at the end of the coming week I will have developed the next film I guess. Very excited. There still must be some photos on it that I made in London in September.


Mittwoch, 8. November 2017

Welcome to Halloween!

As it is tradition we always celebrate Halloween. We, I mean me and my lovely friends. But I have to say after my very big birthday party with so many people I wanted to keep it a little smaler this time. What I liked this year were all the amazing costumes. Almost everyone had one and made an effort. And then costume parties are actually quite a lot of fun.

I will try to show the best pictures of the costumes of the night but I decided I will also show you the outtakes. Because they are the most hilarious ones.

We decorated the place with a lot of spiderwebs and lights and everyone bought some food and drink.

The costumes: we had a deer, a wolf, a witch, Dobby and Winky from Harry Potter, Eleven from Stranger Things, Wednesday of the Addams Family, a vampire, a pestdoctor and me, Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks.



 Although we are such posers and perfected the way of posing for pictures, obviously, I love the photos even more that didn't went so well. Here are the take outs:




I was thinking next year we make a contest for the best costumes and there will be a price, like Queen of Halloween or something... xD