Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016

This is Halloween! 2016

By now it's a tradition that we celebrate Halloween every year. Especially this year I was really looking forward to it, because we had the perfect location with our new apartment. I was really surprised how many people came, but we had the space for everyone.

Most fun part was of course the decorating. I want to collect more and more Halloween decoration now so that we will have a lot more year after year.

Everyone put so much thought in their costumes, I was very happy about that. I tried to take many photos that night but sometimes it was just not possible to overview everything.

We had a lot of fun with food and wine (the buffet was amazing!), playing games, taking photos and polaroids. I went as Velma of Scooby Doo by the way.

I can't wait for next years Halloween! We thought about making a contest that everyone chooses the best costume of the night and the winner get's a price like a glitter pumpkin or something.
Did you have a great Halloween? Or are just not a Halloween person? (if yes, ... WHY? HOW?)


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