Sonntag, 18. September 2016

Lissabon - Part II

 On wednesday we wanted to take a trip to the castle of Lisboa. Turns out, it is harder to get to than you'd think. First we took the famous yellow tram all the way into the wrong direction. We actually wanted to go east but got west.

Well, it wasn't so bad after all because we arrived at the graveyard of Lisboa which I actually wanted to go to. I'm always curious how other cultures handle death because germans are not so good with it, I think. Portuguese people have really another way. They have all these mausoleums with windows where you can look into the room with the coffins.

We had good long walk around the graveyard and also found some very nice views over the city. But still we originally wanted to go east so we took the tram again all the way up. First it was kind of empty in the wagon but it filled very quickly and in the end it was packed. But that is normal during the day. If you want to ride the tram relaxed you have to take it quite early in the morning.

In the end we didn't arrive at the castle. We got out earlier because we thought we will never arrive and walked the streets a little back down again. From afar we would see the castle and curse because we never reached it.

When we found a metro, we took it home and dressed up. We wanted to take a couples photoshooting and going out for dinner.

Don't we look pretty? :D
We went to the hamburger restaurant we discovered a day ago and had the best burgers of our lives. They were so good, I still could start to cry.

The next day we were a little late for breakfast and also late to kind of do anything but we decided to take the ferry over to the other side of the bay. We actually wanted to go to the beach but because it was already so late in the day, we just went to the harbour.

At the other side we discovered a cute little fishermentown, ships and even a submarine! We had a little walk around and a coffee. When it got late we took the ferry back over the water and went home. We changed and then went out for dinner. We found a very good italian place. The wine was perfect and the food delicious. I felt very important because I did the wine tasting and the waitor looked askingly to me if I approve of the wine.


We were in the middle of Bario Alto, the atmosphere was great and we found the greatest and coolest bar. The drinks were good, the DJ was awesome. It was perfect for the last evening in Lisboa.

The next day we had to pack our stuff. We were very sad because we didn't want to leave. Lisboa is such a beautiful city and we didn't even see a lot of it. That means we would have to come back, I guess.


  1. habe diese einträge sehr genossen! lissabon ist eine traumstadt, wirklich! macht lust, sie irgendwann auch zu besuchen. ich mochte besonders die bilder von friedhof:3

    1. Danke! Ich glaube der Friedhof war für mich auch das Highlight. :D Und ja, Lissabon lohnt sich wirklich!