Sonntag, 18. September 2016

Lissabon - Part I

We planned this trip to Lisboa for quite a while now and I am very happy that we actually made it. I have never been to Portugal before and I never expected to find it so beautiful. The people are funny, friendly and polite, Lisboa is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen and I also really like the language.

So we arrived on monday around the afternoon. We wanted to take the taxi from the airport to the apartment we rented but as it turns out: taking Taxis from the airport is not such a good idea. There was a waitingline so long we couldn't find the end of it. So we took the train and that was okay, too. We got these kind of tickets you load up with money and always reload when it's used up. But we just used 10 euros per person for the whole week, so not very much. When we arrived at our station Baixa-Chiado, we had to find our apartment. We rolled with our suitcases up and down the hills and apart from hurting and exhausted arms, we saw that we really were in such a beautiful part of the city. Then we found the apartment and shortly after the host arrived and let us in. It was really a pretty place, really tidy and nice to live there for a few days.

After we settled in, we went outside to look for a supermarket. It wasn't that easy though... the host gave us some directions before but we still couldn't find it. Instead we found a mini mercado. These small meracados are everywhere and they have kind of everything. Sometimes they have more than the supermarket itself. We bought some water and some small stuff to eat. After we brought that back to the apartemnt, we went out again to find a place were we wanted to eat dinner.

Lisboa has so much variety of cafes, bistros, restaurants, it was amazing. But in the end we chose a vegan diner. I saw many vegan restaurants in Lisboa so I can recommend that city also to vegans. We ate a tofu peanutbutter sandwich with sprouds, pumpkin soup and a juice made of watermelon and basil. Amazing! And very delicious. After that we went down the street and found ourselfs on a nice hill where you could sit, a band played music and everyone was very merry. There we had our first portuguese wine to end the day.

The second day we found a wonderful cafe to have our breakfast. It was so perfect that we went there for the rest of the week every morning. We even had our own waiter because he recognised us and gave us pastries for free and teached us how to order coffee in portuguese. He was very nice and funny. Of course we had nata and coffee, but we also tried some of the other pastries they had. In the end our favourite was one with spinach and cheese.

After a very chilled and funny breakfast we tried our luck with the supermarket again. Because of that we got to know the streets of our neighbourhood Bairo Alto and I couldn't stop taking photos. We also found a goodlooking hamburger restaurant we made plans to go to.

 Then finally we found a supermarket. We bought food for cooking because we actually planned to cook a lot ourselves (in the end, we didn't). After that journey to the supermarket (it was actually close by our apartment we just went a big loop around it) we went back home and had a little break around lunchtime. When we where rested we went out again. We wanted to take a walk down the hill to the harbour. The water looked really close from our view but in the end it wasn't really. But so we had a nice long walk again. (And now strong legs like an ox because of all the hills up and down climbing). It was very nice at the harbour with a light breeze. After we had our look around, we had to walk it all the way up again...

In the evening we wanted to cook in our kitchen. It turned out it was quite troublesome and we said we would never cook in that kitchen again and only go out for dinner. Which we did. We asked ourselves if portuguese people go out a lot and don't cook that much?

- End of part I -

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