Sonntag, 25. September 2016

Have a Bowie-Birthday!

So, I had my birthday some days ago... I was really looking forward to it, because I had it planned in very much detail. The theme was: David Bowie. As some remember, he passed away starting this year. I was very bummed out about that and I still am, so I wanted to celebrate his live in my way. When I invited my friends I explained the theme: Research Bowie a bit, learn something about his life and what he accomplished and try to find something of yourself in him. Let that inspire your outfit! The exact theme would be: #IAMBOWIE. Because we alle have some of Bowie in us.

In the evening I would do a small photoshoot with each one in their outfits. Also we would have a projector that would project musicvideos of Bowie at a wall. But the best was that I wished for a Bowie-Cake. My friend Anne her mum is very good at this and she made me one.

I was very happy. Almost everyone came in an Bowie-Outfit and we all looked so amazing! It was great to see all these beautiful people so inspired by this theme. Here are the first photos of the photoshooting.

Later we fooled around a bit and it was even more fun. Thank you all for being there and making me so happy.

 Here is that amazing cake. As you can see the Bowie-Bolt is on it and on the side you see shadows of crowds cheering. It was filled with a spongemixture and strawberry cream.

We also made so many polaroids!

 I had such an amazing night! Thank you all!


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