Dienstag, 5. Juli 2016


As some of you know, I started a project with an analogue camera. Actually with the Canon AF35M II. I bought that one on ebay Kleinanzeigen. I want to practise analogue again, because my aim is to shoot an analogue project in Japan next year. It's just a project for myself. So this year I have time to practise and figure out what my style ist and what I am looking for in photos on film. I know that I like them more than digital photos, but I also want to find a theme for me.

So, that's the camera I bought. I could do double exposure with it I guess. But I still have to try that one out.
I wanted to show you the first film I completet with it, so kind of my first babysteps. Although I shot analogue very often in my teenager years and in Japan when I lived in Tokyo, but I used an SLR back then which is completely different in the way you take photos. I don't want to get distraced by an objective, there should just be the motif and me. So let's start with the first photos:

I took these when I was wandering around the neighbourhood where I live. I wanted to try out what my camera is capable of in ways of colour and front views. Street Photography and Housefront Photography is kind of my passion but I never know if I'm actually good at it.

 Then there was the birthday of my grandmother. Usually I don't want any posing pictures with people. If I photograph people I want the stuff in between, like the camera wasn't there. But these are very hard to get. I still like those ones though. (Btw. first picture is me and Spaceboy)

Then there was the visit of my cousin and the day of sightseeing we did. All of the photos where taken on St. Pauli or Schanze. I really like Street Art Photography as well.

Then there was a day at the harbour for my mums birthday together with my mum obviously, granny, cousin and brother. People... I wish I would be good at taking photos of people. Actually I am but only with the ones who don't feel intimidated by a camera. I can totally understand them because I usually feel that way infront of one as well...

Here are some I just made inbetween when I was somewhere and saw something... well, and Marie and Nina are always up for photos. I realize with camera came to like the flash sometimes. Usually I hate that thing because it comepletely can destroy photosgraphs when you can't use it in the right way. But with this camera it really gives a nice effect and doesn't blend out all the colour of peoples faces.

Well, I keep trying I guess but I'm still satisfied with the first result.

Cheers, mates~


  1. I really do like the pictures <3 the one of you and the bf is amazing. <3