Dienstag, 5. Juli 2016


As some of you know, I started a project with an analogue camera. Actually with the Canon AF35M II. I bought that one on ebay Kleinanzeigen. I want to practise analogue again, because my aim is to shoot an analogue project in Japan next year. It's just a project for myself. So this year I have time to practise and figure out what my style ist and what I am looking for in photos on film. I know that I like them more than digital photos, but I also want to find a theme for me.

So, that's the camera I bought. I could do double exposure with it I guess. But I still have to try that one out.
I wanted to show you the first film I completet with it, so kind of my first babysteps. Although I shot analogue very often in my teenager years and in Japan when I lived in Tokyo, but I used an SLR back then which is completely different in the way you take photos. I don't want to get distraced by an objective, there should just be the motif and me. So let's start with the first photos:

I took these when I was wandering around the neighbourhood where I live. I wanted to try out what my camera is capable of in ways of colour and front views. Street Photography and Housefront Photography is kind of my passion but I never know if I'm actually good at it.

 Then there was the birthday of my grandmother. Usually I don't want any posing pictures with people. If I photograph people I want the stuff in between, like the camera wasn't there. But these are very hard to get. I still like those ones though. (Btw. first picture is me and Spaceboy)

Then there was the visit of my cousin and the day of sightseeing we did. All of the photos where taken on St. Pauli or Schanze. I really like Street Art Photography as well.

Then there was a day at the harbour for my mums birthday together with my mum obviously, granny, cousin and brother. People... I wish I would be good at taking photos of people. Actually I am but only with the ones who don't feel intimidated by a camera. I can totally understand them because I usually feel that way infront of one as well...

Here are some I just made inbetween when I was somewhere and saw something... well, and Marie and Nina are always up for photos. I realize with camera came to like the flash sometimes. Usually I hate that thing because it comepletely can destroy photosgraphs when you can't use it in the right way. But with this camera it really gives a nice effect and doesn't blend out all the colour of peoples faces.

Well, I keep trying I guess but I'm still satisfied with the first result.

Cheers, mates~

Samstag, 2. Juli 2016

A Summer Vacation

A week ago I had my first holidays for quite a while now. I was at the Starnberger See for 5 days with my mum and my brother. I was really looking forward to a nice time off. My plan was to lay around all day at the lake, no make up, and taking photos. Of course it never comes as you plan it though...

The first day we took an airplane to get down there and then we rented a car. And a car you really need in an area just like this.... I don't have a license and my brother also, so my mum did all the driving. Thankfully she doesn't mind. From the airport we took the car to Munich to get the keys from a friend of my mum to the small house we would live in the next days. But before we drove there, we had a stop at a very good vietnamese place.

The small holiday house was in the village called Berg. There live just rich people, cows and some farmers. So basically nothing... well at least it felt like it. A few days later my mum would show me that they also have a supermarket, a bank and cafes and restaurants. But you have to climb a very high hill to get there...
The house we lived in was very pretty, the kitchen, bathroom and a few bedrooms were freshly renovated, so it was very nice to live there. For the first day of ariving we didn't do much, just walked around in the neighbourhood and had a drink directly at the beautiful Starnberger See.

 (Our neighbour was a farmer and they had a cat. We called him Blacky and always when we were outsite he came and greeted us and also wanted to come in our house. Because of my allergy that was a bad idea, but he was really cute.)

The next morning I went for a swim with my mum in the lake. The lake wasn't too cold but also not too warm, there were not many people but instead a lot of mosquitos. The mosquito season was about to start and everywhere they hatched out of their eggs... it was awful and I had to hide under a lot of clothes and towels as you can see. Over the next days I would get around 25 mosquitos bites.We didn't do a lot during the day (friday) because my mum promised my brother and me that we would have at least one day where we wouldn't go anywhere.

 (In the first pictures you see one of the chapel of King Ludwig II. and a cross. The cross marks the death of King Ludwig II. because he killed himwelf in the lake. Presumably he was gay but wasn't allowed to be with the man he loved, so he ended it. Very sad story.)

So the following day (saturday) we had a little programme: driving around and stop whereever we liked to look around, eat, drink coffee and relax. We found some quite lovely places and drove around the whole lake. In the evening a storm started when we got home and where happy it didn't start during the day.

The next day (sunday) we met some old friends of ours (my parents where friends when they were younger and we always visited each other when we or they were in the area) for lunch and a long walk around the Ammersee. It wasn't sunny because of the storm the evening before and it was a little colder. But I liked it because sometimes I need to cool down a bit of very hot hot weather the days before. I remember the first day we could barely move without sweating gallons because it was so hot.


After we said goodbye to the others, we went shortly to a museum I remembered I was already as a kid: The Buchheim Museum. A very crazy place with crazy and funny art usually. In the evening we had a good dinner together at the restaurant at the lake, because it was our last evening together. The next day my brother and me would go back home while our mum would sta y a few days more.

But before we would take a plane back on monday, we had almost a day left, so we went for a walk again in the area. This time another direction. My mum was here before so she showed us some of her favourite places.



 Well, and then it was over. The days went by so fast as they always do on holidays. I bought home some lovely memories, nice photos, 25 mosquito bites, no make up at least for 3 days, and a slight abdonminal infection. No, I don't want to explain...