Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

Hamburg Harbour - Third time is a charm

It was the birthday of my mum recently. She became 60 and so we did quite a lot together. First I invited her for dinner and a concert to the ensemble resonanz. They played Bach and the Butoh dancer Tadashi Endo danced. My mum and me are fans of him since we saw him the first time in Hanami (movie by Doris Dörrie).

Probably no one remebers but I took photos of Tadashi Endo once many many times ago. I just looked through them and here is one of them.

The next thing we did for my mum was the actual birthday: my cousin and me visited her at her home and we went for dinner at a cute little restaurant. We had a great time. But I don't have any photos from then.
What I have photos of was the third time we did something for her birthday. It was saturday and my grandmother came from Schwerin and we spend half a day at the Hamburg harbour (yes, the harbour again. I don't know what drags me there this year so often...). First half of the day I had to work sadly but the other half I joined my mum, grannie, brother and cousin for a ferry ride, a walk and dinner.

Here are some photos when we were on the ferry. I really like the architectual photos I was able to make. It's really worth to take a ride on that ferry because it's included in the normal HVV ticket you use for bus and metro.

Also some photos from the walk we took. We were in Övelgönne again.

And here at the dinner table. My cousin for example, me and my grannie and a group picture. I hope everyone is okay with me posting this.

My cousin took this picture of me on the way home. I don't like the face I make but it's actually the face I make when it's relaxed. But I like the setting around it.

Also did I mention that I went swimming? Well, yeah I went swimming with Marie and Nina in Bikini and all... I don't do that often so it was kind of a big thing for me.

Also I will travel to the Starnberger See next week with my mum and my brother. I will get one wisdom tooth out one week later though ... ugh.

Cheers, mates~


  1. ich mag die architekturbilder auch! und viel spaß am starnberger see! bin gespannt, mit welchen bildern und geschichten du aufwartest, wenn du wieder da bist :)

    1. Danke! Ich freu mich auch schon total drauf! :D

  2. Gott, warum bist du so schön?! ;_________; <3 ich mag das Bild von dir und deiner Oma total. Und sehr gut, dass du schwimmen warst!

    1. ach Danke, Liebes! ;___; Das Bild mag ich tatsächlich auch am liebsten. :*