Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2016

Hamburg Harbour - Gateway to the world

The last weeks I went a lot to the harbour somehow. First time with my mum, cousin and brother and second time with my dearest friend Anne. I wanted to take the chances because it was good weather and I usually don't go to the harbour that often.

The first trip we were at Övelgönne, the beach and all the tiny lovely houses along the water. It was really a nice area and some lovely views.

The second trip was around the area of the fishmarket and Landungsbrücken. We had some icecream at the vegan place called Liberty Café and went for a walk at the water. Also I gave Anne some late birthday gift which arrived like almost 2 months late: A Sailor moon-pendant of Sailor Jupiter. By that time I ordered it two times because I wasn't sure if even one would arrive. But now we both have one. :D

Well, I hope you all are doing alright!



  1. irgendwas an hafengebäuden lässt mich jedesmal innehalten und realisieren, dass ich sie toll finde. besonders die für den norden so typischen klinker- & backsteinbauten ❤

    1. Das finde ich auch immer sehr schön. Gerade auch in Hamburg gibt es natürlich viel davon :)

  2. total schön <3 und der Anhänger ist auch wunderschön!