Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016

Time flies, guys!

Time flies, guys! Easter is already so far gone... don't worry I didn't forget you, it's just so much to do that usually there is no time for blogging. You know that problem right? But I enjoy blogging so much, so I'm still trying to make room for it in my scedule. So room for it is this week somehow and I try to use the time to catch up a bit.

I don't know why, but I forgot to mention right before easter I went on a very classy date with my boyfriend. I even bought a tiny black dress for that occassion. So that one night we took a cap to the nice restaurant called NIL. Spaceboy and his father go there often, so they also knew him. We had a four course menu, champagne and pouilly fume.

First and most important of all: Here is my outfit. The dress was really short, but I love it. Also we took the cap so there was no trouble with walking to the station or anything.

This was the menu: 1. Vegetable tempura with lentils on crêpe. 2. Fish on spinach with potato mousse and mussel vinaigrete. 3. Beef with Gnocchi and savoy cabbage. 4. Caramelised peacans and apple tarte with salty vanilla icecream - the last one was my favourite! I almost cried...

Also I visited my dearest Jenn in Hannover and we went for a shopping and sushi day. I was so lucky with the weather and had the time of my life at Primark and Lush.



The last weeks Jenn was in Japan for the first time and I'm really curious how it was for her. I believe it was a dream come true and I'm so happy for her.

Also I'm going for a lot of walks the recent days to discover my neighbourhood and take a lot of photos. These I made when spring was about to start.



 More postings will follow soon, I just don't want to swamp the whole place...



  1. you know what? I miss ya! This day was special and.... you are so beautiful my dear ;_;