Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2016

Hamburg is pretty nice when it's nice.

 So as mentioned in the post before: my cousin Anna Katharina came from my grannies birthday back with us to Hamburg. And we showed her around a bit because it was her first time here and we wanted to make a good impression. Hamburg showed it's best side I would say.

We went down the Mönckebergstraße and into the St. Petri church. Katrin lit a candle.

Then we continued to cityhall and I showed those two (Katrin wasn't there before either) the nice courtyard of cityhall with the fountain.

Then we just walked around Neuer Wall and then slowly to the harbour. There was Harbourbithday these days and the city was packed with people... it was also good weather and a very summerish feeling was in the air.

I didn't make any photos at the harbour because there were so many people I didn't see much of it. But I was in the old Elbtunnel for the first time.

So there is a first time for me as well. I decided to go back there soon again when there are not so many people and make some photos.

Some nice grafitti somewhere in St. Pauli. Of course Anna Katharina wanted to go there and now she knows: there are many nice and seeworthy parts in Hamburg, but Reeperbahn is not one of them anymore.

Somewhere in the backstreets of St. Pauli we found a nice café and enjoyed the good time we had.

What I wanted to mention at the end of my blogging phase for this week: I bought a project for me, an analogue compact camera. A Canon AF35M II. and I started to make photos with it. My project is city scapes, light and shadow, facades of houses and streets. I'm practicing because I want to go back to Japan next year. Just for two weeks, but it's a big step for me and I want to document it on film. I chose this camera as my weapon and at the moment I'm practicing with it. Hamburg, probably Lissabon later in this year are my practicing objects. I want to know the camera very well when I will go back to Japan.

I will show you the first results of course in near future.



  1. irgendwann werden mich meine beine auch mal nach hamburg tragen. schon ewig habe ich das vor xD

    1. Das lohnt sich auf jeden Fall! Wenn du Lust hast, kann ich dir auch mal ein paar Tipps geben und meine Lieblingsplätze zeigen. :)