Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2016

Grannies Birthday - A family get together!

Last week was my grannies birthday - It kept the whole family boiling for weeks! Us grandchildren (we are 12) planned a book with many photos and texts from us like a leitmotif with how we grew up, what we think of when we think of our grannie and what we remember very closely. For me it was sushi, the swimming pool, cake and how my grannie always fixed up my favourite stuffed teddy (called Teddy).

Shortly before I also went to the haircutter and tried out a new length for my hair. I actually really like it and I think I will keep it that way at the moment.


My whole outfit was a planned concept for two days actually. My keyingredients where my favourite new jacket, red nails and lips and a lot of black. I felt too cool for school.

My boyfriend Spaceboy met my whole family for the first time. Which is quite a challenge because my family is big. As I said: 12 grandkids plus parents, aunts and uncles, spouses and so on... Here you see our romantic hotelroom and me in the mirror.

Here is my outfit for the evening. I got that dress at our clothes swap party a few weeks ago of my best friend. It was the perfect dress for that occasion. Perfectly tailored, flowers and not too short. Also I bought some new simple black pumps.

So there were many photos made that evening, but because I want to maintain a little privacy I will just show the people you already know + one or two.

Some of my cousins: Katrin (left) you know because she is my roomie, Helene you also know because she is Katrin little sister (right) and in the middle there is a new face! Also a cousin of mine, Anna Katharina. After the birthday she came home with us and we showed her some Hamburg. She has never been there before.

Well, there is me and there is Spaceboy...

The room where the celebration took place. Very good food and drinks, very lovely people, great speeches. A very lovely night that made me very happy and a hangover the next day. But so worth it!

The best for last: My cutie two cousins being all dorky and stuff... Love you! <3

The next post will be about the following weekend with sight seeing around Hamburg.



  1. Wie war es für ihn? Deine Familie hat ihn sicherlich toll empfangen. Und du BEAUTY!

    1. Ich glaube, er sich sehr wohl gefühlt und war gut drauf :) Das hat mich sehr gefreut.