Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Ch - Ch - Ch - Cherry Bomb!

Being tired and exhausted was a line through my whole week so when the weather was so good this weekend I tried to catch the sun as often as possible to let some energy sink in. I didn't sleep so well again... and I tried to be not as cranky as I felt. So today I went with my mum for a walk at the Alster. I wanted to make some photos of the first signs of spring...

Of course the cherry blossoms were a must, although they are just starting now here in Hamburg. Really wish to see some more.

So do you feel already a little 'springy'?

Cheers, mates~

Sunny Easter!

Last weekend on easter I visited my family in Schwerin, as always. We were very lucky with the weather and I made some photos I would like to share with you.
Because of work I'm really stressed out at the moment and don't sleep so well. So everytime the sun comes out I try to catch some beams because it really helps when you are exhausted... and some chocolate easter eggs help as well.

My uncle made friends with the owner of the new art exhibition collection in the Schwerin Marstall. That day he invited me and my cousin Katrin to come over. It's a really nice collection, but what I liked most about it was the location and the light we had inside because of the sun.

That was kind of impressive. After that Katrin and me we went for a walk around the castle to enjoy a bit of the sun and look for the first spring traces.

The next morning was easter sunday. My little cousin Helene and me we hid the chocolate eggs for the others. We tried to find the best hiding places and didn't give any hint to the others.

It was a very nice two days but I was also happy when I was back home, because I was really tired and needed some freetime for myself.

I hope you all had nice a easter! Or at least some nice days off to enjoy yourselves!