Sonntag, 13. März 2016

'So don't stop me now 'Cause I'm having a good time...'

I'm really enjoying my time here in the new neighbourhood and with my roomies. We go for walks, talk a lot, cook together and eat together. I wanted to show you some photos I made when we took a walk at the Alster some days ago. We were there at the perfect time when the sun went down.

I really like the photos although I shot them with my cellphone. I like how the sunlight is captured in the wings of the seagulls.

Also a week ago I went shopping. I mean really shopping! Not just buying one thing, I just bought everything I wanted! I usually don't do that. I think I never went shopping like that because I always put limits of course on how much I spent and so on... But this time I was able to set the limit a little higher. Just once at least.

I bought a new blouse, a nice dress ( I will wear for a date with Spaceboy as a surprise), new shoes, a necklace, a bathbomb from lush and a Hightlighter and eyebrowpencil from benefit. First time in my life I bought such expensive make up. It's really good though.

Yesterday I met up with Nici, Marie and Nina. First Nici and I went for all you can eat at Ichiban (Sushi en masse!) and then we took Purikura all together. <33

And me and Nici! <3

 And then me and Marie! <3

And as if this day wasn't awesome enough we went to the cinema with a lot of others together to see Zootopia (in Germany Zoomania). It's such an amazing movie. When we went out I wanted to go back in and watch it all over again.

Well, I have a feeling there is a lot going on right now and I'm really enjoying it!



  1. You have deserved all of it!!! <33333 wish I'd could be with you that day ;_; sounds awesome!