Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

New Heights, New Sights

As most of my friends know, I moved! It's two weeks by now that I live in a new apartment together with boyfriend, my cousin Katrin and my little brother Frieder. I still can't believe that we managed it and were able to reach this goal. I was talking with my cousin about moving together for a year now...
I'm very happy in our new place. It's far more into the city, we are very close to the Alster, we have a lot of shops and supermarkets just around the corner. Our apartment is in an old house with the design of the Jugendstil, if you know what I mean with that. It's old but with a lot of charme. Wooden floors, high walls, and stucco at the ceiling.

First of all I want to show you how I painted and decorated my room. I'm very happy with the colour and it has just the effect I was going for. Most of my furniture was already very fitting for the new place, just my desk had to be changed. Which I'm very happy about.
I will show you a few pictures with a details of my room as well. Not all is done up, but nearly and when I am finished I will show you photos of the whole room.

 With the change of the place but also with partly the change of people I wanted to create a place that is more homely and a little like a family. We start out very good I think, we do a lot together. But it's been only two weeks, so we would really have to stick with it. I want to and I think the others as well.

Somehow we have a lot of parties in the kitchen, we cook together, also try to eat together as often as possible. We also had guests already and everyone was feeling comfortable and happy. I can't tell how glad this makes me. To introduce you to my roomies, I have some purikura for you. I still can't believe the boys really went for that.

In the group pictures from the left you see Katrin, me and my boyfriend Joscha, (my little cousin Helene who was with us and we didn't want to keep out of the fun), and my little brother Frieder. But also Katrin, Helene and me we made some purikura just the three of us.

I really hoped for some good weather on the weekend and yesterday it was that day to take a walk around the neighbourhood to see where we actually live. There is a canal close by that goes into the Alster which Katrin and me followed.

The atmosphere was very calm and the sky looked nice. I really can't wait for spring though... today, sunday, we have snow again, argh!

Well, I hope I could give you a good impression. ;)

Cheers, mates~