Freitag, 1. Januar 2016

My Christmas 2015

It's a little bit late for this post. I planned on posting something a week ago but I totally forgot. I had so much to do this month because of work. It's a really great job but sometimes I was a little exhausted and couldn't do much besides working. But it's a getting better now.
I really had struggle at first to come into christmas mood although I really really love christmas so much. At work there was barely time and from one moment to a another there was christmas and I didn't know where all that time went.

Anyway for some little traditions was time. Like baking cookies with bae. And visiting my family in Schwerin.


To Schwerin my father and my brother came with me and we had a lot of great food and drinks. It was really great to do something together with my brother. Soon we will move together with cousin Katrin and my boyfriend Joscha. I am really looking forward to live together with them.

 Here you see the brunch table we had on sunday before christmas in Schwerin. Next to that my little cutie cousin Helene with her dogsitting dog Pico.

After my weekend in Schwerin one evening Marie and Nina came over and we made a little pre-christmas dinner and made a lot of selfies. Again, I know. But we just love it! It's a tradition now as well I guess.


On christmas day and first christmas day I was at my mums. We had a lovely meal together and played some games. On first christmas day I went for a walk with my mum and in the evening we went to the theatre in Hamburg to see 'Die Dreigroschenoper'. It's a really great production at the Thalia Theater! It accompanied me my whole life. I remeber seeing it when I was just 5 years old and I think it made a huge impression on me.

Here you see photos from christmas eve, our christmas tree, selfies of me and me and my mum.



Also some photos of our walk. Some great weather we had...

Second christmas day I was just at home with bae. I really needed a break and some sleep. That day after I went with my father and brother to the cinema to watch the new Star Wars Movie. Then we met up with Joscha to grab some dinner at a thai restaurant. The cinema and the restaurent are just in our future district where we will move to in about a month. Really nice part of the city and more in the centre.

cheers, mates~