Montag, 2. November 2015

I am never gonna get enough, Take me to the party - Halloween

Well, first we (Anne and me) planned to make a Halloween Party like last year, but we laked the location. So at first it looked like there wouldn't be one. But the plans changed, although way too late, and we were able to make a small sit in at Annes place. I had to take medicine because of my cat allergy but that was fine. Of course most of the people we invited had already plans... sadly. We were just too late. But it was still a great evening with delicious food and amazingly funny card games. 
First of all here some photos of my make up. My costume was Dark Willow of Buffy the Vampireslayer. I didn't think it would turn out so well. I bought some black contact lenses and it really took the whole costume up a level.

We didn't take a lot of photos that night just mainly Marie, Nina and me took a lot of selfies again. Just because we can.


Marie and Nina were deatheater of Harry Potter who were bloody after the fight in Hogwarts and now want to take revenge. But could also say they looked like deatheater zombies. haha. On the last photo you see Anne photobombing again just like last year. Her costume is the character Annie Wilkes of the movie Misery. But without the sledgehammer in this picture.

After that sit in Marie, Nina and me went to the Pink Inc Halloween Party. It was very cool there, many nice costumes and good music, we danced. But next year I want a good old Halloween house party again.

Cheers, mates~


  1. You looked gorgeous dear and I think so too for next year ;_; <3 I love the pictures of you all so great T___T <3 would loved to be your Tara, though, haha <3

    1. Yeah, next year we plan a Houseparty again!! *__* I would love for you to be my Tara <3333