Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

Very late post about a wonderful birthday party...

... no, not my birthday party. There will be not much about it, because I didn't take any photos and just wanted to be with my friends in private and have fun. Which we had by the way. I had a very lovely birthday sit in and I was so happy about everyone who was there. So Thank you!

But this post will be about Maries birthday party. Because we made such lovely photos that day that I thought I can't keep them to myself any longer. Jenn was there as well and I was so happy to see her again. We don't see each other often enough I think. Anyway. The day started with lovely coffee and cake and a lot of hanging out in the living room of Maries parents house and in the garden. We also played the game Werewolve and I joind for ALL the rounds (something I very rarely do because I don't like to play games with so many people. Actually I usually like to play cards with my mum and brother because we don't compete and just enjoy to be jolly together).

 The star of the show... it was supposed to be Marie, but in the end it was Pino. A cutiepie of a dog owned by a friend of Marie. He even has Instagram!


Not all the pictures are by me. I just collected them together of others. In the pictures you see a lot of people and if anyone is upset with a picture with it being up here, just tell me. You see alot of sitting around and talking and playing and drinking. Well, doesn't look very exciting but believe me it was! Yeah yeah, no worry. Here come the selfies:


The last one I put in because I like pictures with mastakes. It looks kinda creepy so I liked it. Jenn and me we outdid ourselfs with cute selfies that day. Wow! But there is also one with Marie and two with Lisa.

In the evening there was alot of drinking and we also wanted to go to the Reeperbahn, but when we arrived there it was late and the party was over. For me it was quite a successfull and enjoyable evening.

Cheers, mates~