Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

My autumn

Quite a lot of photos were made and I didn't share them with you yet. So here we go. Well, first a few weeks ago I had Marie and Nina over and we had quite a lot of wine and made almost 150 selfies. Yes, that kind of evening is what we had. Also Nina has a new cell phone and we had to initiate it. Usually people show the prettiest selfies, well, I decided I should show you the worst. There were a lot more believe me, but I show you the ones that made me laugh.




I think this was worth it. Well, a week later I met with Jenn and Carina. Carina had her birthday (well one day later) and I invited her for coffee and cake. She decided to go to a very cute swedish cafe in Altona. It's called Cafe Salkrokan and they had a lot of cute stuff from the Mumins and very delicious cake.

Jenn and me, we will show you only cute selfies. Because all the seflies we take are cute obviously.
On that weekend I also went for a walk at the Öjendorfer Park for the first showings of autumn. I realised that I can take better photos when I look for a theme. I already had snow and ice, waterdrops and now I chose sunlight showing through leaves and on leaves. But I also made some other photos just to show how lovely the day was.



 I'm quite happy with these photos and also with this post. I hope you enjoy your autumn as much as I do!