Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

Latest Memories

When I said that there are no pictures of my birthday in the last post, well, that wasn't quite right. There are a few but mainly of the weekend after my birthday when I travelled to my family in Schwerin.

The first was actually the night before. It was made at a train station after I came back from work late at night. When I got home there were sweets on my table that bae put there for me. The second picture was my birthday exactly when I had coffee with my dad.

 Here are just a few pictures made in Schwerin. The lake, the bedroom of my grandmother and the last one is a flower of my grannie of which she was very proud of.

Then just to share a few last photos of my latest walk in the Öjendorfer Park when still everything was green. When the autumn colours come at full power I go back there and will take autumn pictures.

Some pictures were made with my cellphone obviously. But I still like them very much. Especially the clouds.


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