Mittwoch, 12. August 2015

Kleines Fest im großen Park 2015

Last weekend I was with my family in Schwerin. We planned for quite some time now that we wanted to go the small festival called 'Kleines Fest' in Ludwigslust together as we did two years ago. My cousin Peter and his girlfriend came far away from Stuttgart. I was so happy to see them. The evening before the festival we went out for dinner all together and the for a few drinks. I had a couscous salad for dinner and we went to the bar Der Angler where I took this first photo.

The next day was the day of the festival. It took place in the garden of the castle in Ludwigslust and it's very pretty there. Of course there were a lot of people again, but with my family together it wasn't a bad thing.The plan was that we wanted to picknick first and each one of us had to prepare something for it. Below you will see our picknick menu, selfies and photos of us all:

Then we started to walk around in groups and watched the small shows that took place all over the park. The shows weren't so good as last time two years ago but they still were very funny. But mostly I liked the figures that walked around the park. Like a small elefant on a bike that gave comments to poeple that looked at him funny, a group of ants that talked gibberish and always lost their way, birdpeople who were silent and elegant, a ballerina on a piano and most of all the funniest streetclown I have ever seen. Me and my cousins, we liked him so much we could watch him for hours making fun of people who tried to pass him on their ways.

What I most liked about that day was the time with my family. For me it's very important when I have people around me that don't take energy from me but give me energy instead. That's a very rare thing and I treasure it.

Cheers mates~


  1. The food looks so yummy and I love the selfies and the picture of you! So happy you enjoyed the day so much.