Samstag, 18. Juli 2015

My cell phone spies on me.

I have a new phone, I am able to document things that happen in my life a little more. Also I have Instagram now which teaches me how to be a show off.
I decided, because I have more photos of what I have been up to, I could also share it on my blog.

First of as soon as the German Post strike was over I received a pile of postcards of morphoportis. I was really surprised and excited about it and some of the postcards are already decorating my room and the kitchen.

Then last week I was with my dear friend Anne and her husband at the small lovely shop called Porzellanfräulein where we booked two hours to paint some pottery of our choice. That place is really worth it! You pay for the dish you want and you can use all the colours and templates they have. You can also take it home and finish it there. So here is what I have made: a cereal bowl because I really like cereal for breakfast.

In the last photo you see the shop and the pottery they have. And here is my result one week later: the best cereal bowl of all time and creation!

Also my dearest cousin Katrin is back from New Zealand. She wants to study in Hamburg and at the moment she is here all the time because she started at a course for her portfolio. Her father has an office here right at the Alster and she can sleep there sometimes. So first time Katrin was here I visited her. We wanted to go out but then it was so nice that we stayed in and cooked and chatted straight for 4 hours.

 This is the office and here is what we ate. I really like the photo that's why I am showing you.

Here is the view from the office over the Alster.

And last but not least a selfie of me and Katrin. She is like a sister to me! :*

That's it for now. I am really surprised I had so much to talk about.

Cheers, mates~


  1. The last picture is awesome!! :D
    And I'm (Nina;-) ) so in love with your cereal bowl!!! *__*

    1. haha! I'm glad you like it. The shop is really worth it and also good for lovely personal presents! *__* <3

  2. The pictures are great *_* I love the bowl and I am so happy you have a great time!