Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

'If I could steal that boat,...'

I wanted to go on a holiday, because I wasn't sure when would be the next chance to travel. I had a little gap in my time scedule so I asked my roomie Joscha, if he wants to travel to the eastsea with me (Kühlungsborn). I am an eastsea (also northsea) child. When I was little I always travelled with my mum, granny and brother there. Joscha is more a child of the Mediterranean Sea and I hoped that the eastsea would show him her chocolate side. Well, let's say she tried. And it was a lovely journey anyway even with clouds and a little rain. But let's start from the beginning.

Day 1

It was the day we arrived, Wednesday. It was very cloudy, windy and cold. And we didn't do much but buying some groceries (we had a small one room apartment were we could cook), then we went for a walk and home again. It was already late in the day and we weren't in the mood for action. Actually I wanted to have a holiday without any action at all. That's what I needed. I just wanted to eat, lay around, go for a walk, sleep and eat again. And that's what we did.

In the first picture you see the bed (obviously). I made the photo with my cell phone, my NEW cellphone btw. Wuhuuu! But the other photos I made with my camera. I am so thankful for my new objective (although it's not new, I have it since christmas) each time I take photos. As you can see the sea was still rough, cold and a little rainy. But usually I believe that interesting nature photos are made with such unstable weather. If there would be just a blue sky it would just half as interesting. In my opinion. Doesn't mean I don't like the sun. In the evening we had some tomato-pasta and watched TV. We don't watch any TV at home so usually we sat there and ranted about the awful programme and advertising. When you are not used to that anymore you find some of the programme and the commercials quite offending.

Day 2

At first the day looked like it would still be cloudy, but the air was warmer. So after breakfast we went out to have cake & coffee and for a walk. When we arrived at the beach the sun started to come out and was there for the rest of the day. We ate so much that day! I made a big breakfast with eggs and all, then cake and coffee, then fishsandwich and then mushroom-pasta in the evening. We just rolled around the beach and promenade.

Yes, there are my feet. And yes, there are pictures of Joscha (please, don't be mad!). In the evening we went to see the sunset. It wasn't a clear sunset, but still very becautiful. I hope you are not annoyed by all the picture of the same thing.

Day 3

Friday started sunny, but soon the clouds came and it was a little humid. We had a big breakfast again, but this time outside at a pastry shop. I made a photo with my cell phone again. We didn't do much that day again, just going for a walk, laying at the beach, looking for shells.

In the evening we didn't cook and went to a restaurant, because it was our last evening. I had pizza. Then we went to see the ocean one last time. It started to rain, but was still beautiful anyway. There were some jelly fisches in the water because the sea was very still.

Well, that was my holiday. I did all what I wanted to do. Eat, sleep, photos, sitting at the beach, laying at the beach, walking at the beach. So basically nothing. Thank you for coming with me, Spaceboy.

Btw. because I have a new cell phone I also have Instagram now.


Cheers, mates~


  1. The pictures are so amazing. I love the sea. And I am so happy you could enjoy it♡

    1. Thank you! And yes, I had a really great time! =D <3