Sonntag, 12. April 2015

'I'm over twenty now but the teenage angst still remains.'

SIZARR | 2015.04.09 
Uebel& Gefährlich | Hamburg

I was looking forward to this concert for quite a while and desperate when I found out that I had to work that evening. I couldn't cancel this job (because it would have been unreasonable for me being a freelancer and all). Marie (minionsinlove), who I always go to a Sizarr concert with, was already very sad as well. But then we looked at the ticket and saw that they would have a support and also would start very late around 9pm. I knew my job would end around 9:30pm, but could go also a little longer. It was risky, but I wanted to try to see at least a little part of the concert. The plan was: Marie was of course already there and would always send me a status report and I would try to get off work as early as possible. The moment it was 9:30pm I stood infront of my boss and asked if I could go already. She asked if I had planned something special and I answered, because I know she is huge supporter of good music, that one of my absolute favourite bands is in town. She just looked at me and said 'Why are you still standing here? Get lost!' I collected all my things and ran to the train station. To get to the Uebel&Gefährlich was kind of a pain, because I had to wait somewhere for 10 minutes to get the next train, but 10:06pm I was at the location. I heard from the outside that they had started already but the ticket-guy said 'No worries. They ended the second song just now.'
It was perfect because when I got in they started to play Clam, of the new album Nuture. 'And I | I am on the long run | tonight | for you'. It was just the was I felt in that moment and I was so happy that I wasn't too late.
The next song Fabian (vocal & anything else) announced would be an older one, Run Dry. I was amazed that everyone cheered after every song and that they were so into it, they also were quite at the quite parts. I thought that most people who hear their music for the first time must think that it's kind of sad music (which it is at the core), but for me it's also motivating and life-affirming. Because their music danceable, which means it gives life into your body. The next one was an older song as well, actually the one that made me fall in love with this band, Purple Fried. 'Take my heart take my soul | you can take it all | open window deep ravine | I'm untouchable'. In every talking break Fabian started with saying 'Haaammburg.' And I mean every break. He told us that they were at the Uebel&Gefährlich for the fifth time by now. Marie and me, we saw them around three times. At the first concert we were there, they were very shy and almost didn't talk, but always seemed a little... dreamy. Now they talk a lot more, but usually nonesense. Fabian said a thing like 'There is red man with our merchandise over there... I mean... he is wearing a red T-Shirt. The man... is not red...' in a very slow voice.
Then he announced the song that Philipp (base & anything else) wrote, Slightly. Philipp also lives in Hamburg by now, Fabian pointed out. He has a very tender voice and he usually does backing vocals for Fabian. It's a very dreamy song and live it's even more psychedelic.

'Started from zero
put on a face that you want to show
you wanted to leave your ego
but you'll never be the one you seek

started from zero
within the space of a shady hole
you wanted to try the free fall
but you will never be the one you seek'

The new album Nuture is very 80s. Intentionally as far as I understood. The first one was slightly as well, but this one is it even more. I for my part like it, but I remember that when the frist songs came out I had to get used to it. By now I hear Sizarr in every song but they have a different dress. I'm very happy that they actually were able to create an album that sounds like them but still feels new. Usually many good artists are not able to do that successfully. They even have the ballad with the piano and it just feels a little cheesy. It's untitled on the album and they played it next. The chorus is sung very powerfully 'Cause I am getting around | with the feeling of letting you down | you say you don't know why | but neither do i' but for me the best part is 'I'm over twenty now but the teenage angst still remains', at least that is what he sings, but in the booklet of the album it is 'I'm over twenty now | have I missed the point of staying sane?' I wonder if it is a mistake, but I usually find all kinds of these 'mistakes' in the booklets of bands.
The next song followed which I love most of the new album, Scooter Accident. Although when I first heard this song I really needed some time to adjust, but by now I just fall into a dream when I hear it. Especially the chorus again:

'Every time you touch my face
I feel the darkness caressing me oh baby
madonna lilies to grace
and veil to abide decay's appetite
I'll cease before I had my ways
we all have to go but please let me know
will fear forever cling to me
cause I fear that I have to go down'

Then there is this short silent part in the song when it all takes a deep breath and when it breaths out it makes you head spin. And then it ends so abruptly that you feel empty and want it to go on forever. Then followed You and I, which for me is one of the weaker songs of the album, but it really has some very good parts. I have to say that I like the lyrics more on this album, I'm not sure why. 'We're done caring about the weather'. In How much for this? you hear the 80s a lot again and at first I needed time to get warm with this song but after I heard it life now I have to say it's quite good. The chorus got me again, it gets really loud and I like that. Sadly there are no lyrics about the last part of the song, I really want to know what he is singing exactly. Then Fabian announced it would be their last song, as bands always do, but it was quite early. Their supposed to be last song was Baggage Man. What I found funny about the lyrics in this song is that he sings about to picked up from school but also asks questions about the differences between desire and need. What I mean is that he sings as a very young person who asks these kind of questions that need a lot of time in this world to actually answer. No one can tell you the diffrences, you have to find out for yourself. When I think about the differences of desire and need I ask if there is a difference at all and if there should be... it's a very danceable song and I liked that everyone around me couldn't stand still.
Of course there was an encore. Two songs, the first Boarding Time. A classic. Perfect. Amazing song. You want to sit at the drums yourself when you hear it. You hear the difference in this song how Fabian tried to get all out of his voice, but in the new album tried not to put all of the power in, because it would overlay too much the rest of the music. His voice is very prominent on the old album, which I like, but I can also understand why they did it differently on the new one. The last song was Timesick, of the new album. Very 80s again, but I actually admire it so much. 'I feel the days are passing so quick | I'm feeling timesick'. It's was a good song to end the concert, although they have two albums by now that they could play longer. But I missed the first two songs so... I'm so glad that I made it. It was really worth the little stress.

If they are playing somewhere close to your place I can only recommend. Their ticket prices are usually not that high and it's a real nice way to spend an evening. Also you would support a band that is authentic in my eyes. Although they are bought by Sony, I have the feeling that the label gives them space to develope and really do their thing. I hope that is really the case becasue I do think very highly of them.