Montag, 6. April 2015

I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all.


 On my easter weekend I visited my family in Schwerin. Christmas was the last time I saw them so it was quite a while and really about time that I would see them again. We were so lucky with the weather! And it was also so nice that I spend most of the time with my little cousin, Helene. I love her so much. 

So on sunday morning we were of course searching for the eggs. Helene hid the eggs again and again sometimes and I had to look for them all the time. About five times I found the same green egg just somewhere else. She is a little tease.

Then Helene, my granny and me went for a walk around the castle of Schwerin. The weather was perfect and I made some pretty photos.

 When we were back Helene made my hair quite beautifully and she asked me to do hers. She wanted  it... tousled and messy. So that's what she got and she liked it although... it was really really messy. Maybe it's the age.

 Then we went into the garden and gave Helene my camera so she could take some photos. I just show you some that I really liked she made. Of course the first photo was made by the castle not in the garden. Also not the last one. xD

And now here comes my favourite series Helene photographed of a merl. I'm actually thinking of making it into a theme on tumblr. What do you think? xD

Then I went into the garden and made some photos myself.

Monday morning Helene made me my hair again before I would take the train home. 

And the easter was already over. I hope you all had a nice one like I did. 

Cheers, mates~