Montag, 2. März 2015

The Weight of Spring

I know it's by far not spring yet but as every year I'm really waiting for it. Just like everyone is in the starting blocks. It's interesting how we are so affected by nature. Still after all that time and all that so called progress we have made. In the end we are the children of nature if we want it or not.

Anyway last weekend I was at the Wildpark Schwarze Berge with some friends. We were very lucky with the weather. The sun was shining most of the time and just sometimes there were a few clouds. I was able to make some nice photos and all in all I was very happy Marie talked me into coming with them. It was just what I needed. Sun, walking, photos and well, friends. I always act like I don't need people, but that is obviously a lie.

Marie was scratching a pot-bellied pig behind the ear and it liked it so much, that I just layed down in the middle of the way. It was really funny. It also needed three tries to stand up again.

Of course we visited the wolves. The sad wolf was there as well. Actually it's that wolf that is lowest in the hierarchy. It's interesting that you actually can really see that in the behaviour but also the looks of the wolf. The sun really suits them.

The lambs are always a harbinger for spring for me. Maybe because of easter.

Nina and Marie were feeding the goats and they were gathering around and begged for the little sweets. They didn't like carrots just the food you could buy for them infront of their compound. They were kind of ... spoiled. haha. I really like the photo were Marie points the finger.

I was really lucky with the photos I think. Like the last ones with the lynx. Never thought I could make them with my camera and the small objective. But as you can see... looks really good. Or let's say: good enough for me.
I hope you like the photos.



  1. Wow, ich finde die Bilder wunderwunderchön! So toll gelungen <3 Das von dem Luchs ist WAHNSINN *_*

    1. Jaa! Hab mich auch so gefreut, weil so 'grinst' auf dem Bild. xD