Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015

'Moments of clarity are so rare, I better document this'

Last weekend I planned to go out take photos on sunday. Because it was snowing so much on saturday I hoped I would have a pretty snow landscape at the park... but I was very disappointed that it all started to melt while I was there. In the end I realised that it can be as pretty though because I found other stuff to photograph.
So the theme is: Droplets and Colour Contrasts (and a little bit of plant macros) ... (and seagulls).




 Please click on some of the pictures to see the details, because on the small thumbnails some things might get lost.

I really hope it freezes one last time so I can take photos of that as well. I'm really happy about my new objective for my camera. I can take photos like I used to and also more. I like to take a step closer to the thing I want to take a photo off. With a zoom lense you are not able to do some of the photos I like to make.


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  1. The pictures are amazing, even though the snow ...yeah. I had the same problem - wanted to go out to walk in snow and suddenly it was raining ;_; but yesterday it snowed again so I hope that it will snow for you too <3