Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015

'Moments of clarity are so rare, I better document this'

Last weekend I planned to go out take photos on sunday. Because it was snowing so much on saturday I hoped I would have a pretty snow landscape at the park... but I was very disappointed that it all started to melt while I was there. In the end I realised that it can be as pretty though because I found other stuff to photograph.
So the theme is: Droplets and Colour Contrasts (and a little bit of plant macros) ... (and seagulls).




 Please click on some of the pictures to see the details, because on the small thumbnails some things might get lost.

I really hope it freezes one last time so I can take photos of that as well. I'm really happy about my new objective for my camera. I can take photos like I used to and also more. I like to take a step closer to the thing I want to take a photo off. With a zoom lense you are not able to do some of the photos I like to make.


Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

' Lay it on, flash it on, look from beneath'

This is going to be my last analogue photo post for some time. Turns out... it's expensive. haha. It used to be alright with the prices, but since I payed a fortune today for my black&white photos, I might give digital a try again to make good b&w-photos. Or let's say in a way that I like them.

Of all the photos I let develope I liked these the most:





Mostly there is nature, some fire, candles, but also my granny and my little halfbrother. The last picture was made at the halloween party, intentionally like this.
Also I want to show you some of the photos that didn't work out so well, but I still like them:

 Again some nature, birds, fire, christmas decoration, myself, a friend at the halloween party, a door. And in the end I had a funny surprise in the photo bag as well:

My good friend Anne and her husband Andreas made a lovely photo with my camera as a surprise for me because I didn't know that they did that at the halloween party. It's great! xDD~
In the end I'm quite satisfied with the photos although it was so expensive. We will see. maybe there is a way I can continue with it. Like developing just the film and see which of the photos on the film I want to get developed. Or I get a photo-negative scanner... hm.

Well cheers then~

Donnerstag, 1. Januar 2015

...and a Happy New Year!

I had a very lovely but also stressful December, especially Christmas stressed me out more than I actually anticipated. But the food was good and I even cooked a 3 course menu for my roomies on second day of Christams. I suceeded very well I must say and they really liked it. I had hard time calming down after those days though...

Anyway I planned a party with Marie and Nina, to celebrate Ninas birthday and New Year. These photos will show you the result of that party, or at least a part of it because there was so much that happened all over the place that I couldn't have my eyes everywhere. The party took place at Ninas place and of which I also took some photos only because it was an interesting study of how other people live. Don't mind me taking photos of nonesense, it was also because one of my Christmas presents was a new objective for my camera.

We had a motto for the party that was 'Dressed Up into the New Year'. So you see my outfit here.

So here some photos of the location.

 And then there was selfie time and group photos, also some polaroids because Jenn brought her polaroid camera with her.

We didn't have a lot of that noisy crackers for New Years, because most of us don't like it so we mainly had some sparklers and small fire crackers. I really like the photos of that evening and that I was able to make photos of people again. I didn't do that for quite some time now and I missed it. Maybe I will be able to continue this but most people don't like to be photographed, sadly.

I hope you had a nice christmas and a Happy New Year!

Cheers, mates~