Montag, 3. November 2014

This is Halloween!

My friend May (we know each other since 6th grade) and me, we decided to make a Halloween Party this year! By now we know we want to do this every year, because it was such a great and wonderful evening, but let me start at the beginning:

The party took place at Mays and her husbands flat. The whole day of friday I prepared food for the party, I cooked pumpkin soup and pumpkin curry. Later my friend Jenn and her boyfriend arrived to so we could all go to the party together. Even one of my roomies (Joscha) came with us. I was dressed up as Magenta of Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jenn was a vampire, her boyfriend Basti a Zombie and Joscha was dressed up like in Clockwork Orange.
Everyone who came was dressed up. That made me really happy and some costumes actually looked like hard work. That was amazing! So first of all I want to show you the outfit pictures (note: the photos are made by Jenn and Andreas, Mays Husband):

In the first photo you see me (Magenta of Rocky Horror Picture Show), second photo you see Jenn (as a vampire, I want to point our her cute teeth), second Basti and Lars as Zombies, then gorgeous Marie and Nina as Corpse Brides (here the post on their blog about how they made their costumes), then Indra and Lisa as Splicers of Bioshock (Indra made the masks herself!!), May as Mia Wallace of Pulp Fiction, Lena and her boyfriend as skeletons and then Maike as some kind of Frankenstein Monster (her make up was amazing!).
Now here are some selfies I made with Jenn and Marie:

And here are some other impressions of the party. In the last photo you can even see a little bit of Joscha. harhar.

So after Halloween is before Halloween! See you next year, fellas!