Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

Halloween Warm Up

 Two weeks ago I went with a lot of friends to the Halloween Special of the Heide Park. We had a very special occasion. not only was it Carinas birthday, it was also the last time we would all be together before Nici and Carina would go to Japan for a year. So I really wanted to go. I didn't have time to come up with a practical dress up though that would last a whole day, so I said I would be the photographer. Actually it was so much fun for me that I'm very satisfied with that job.

We were afraid of rain because the weather report predicted that but nothing came down from the clouds. We were there very very early though and I don't go into the big looping things, but thankfully I wasn't the only one. So most of the day before 4 pm we just went around the park and tried various things, made photos, did picknicks.

 Around 4pm the Halloween programme of the Heide Park started. There started to be fog everywhere and when it was dark, the zombies came out and shocked us. They also had some paths you could walk where they jump out of somewhere and spook you. Even I went along one and screamed quite loudly. What I mostly liked was that the loopings where still open and sometimes between all the fog and zombies you could hear the people scream. The atmosphere was really amazing.

Some photos where made by Jenn. It was really such a great day and I'm really excited for Nici and Carina that are now in Japan. We will miss you!

Tommorrow I will have a Halloween Party with my friend May and I really can't wait. Of course there will be photos.



  1. It was a wonderful day and I enjoyed being around you all so much! It is always so much fun and we have to laugh a lot! Grottenblitz, yeaaaaaah!!! ^_________^ thank you for taking amazing photos!
    Looking forward to today, by the way!!! Work be over soon!

    1. It was really wonderful and I also think we continued very nicely with the party! <3 <3