Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

Barcelona Day 4 + 5: Running up that hill

That day we went up Montjuic, that's a small mountain with a big park, museums and the olympic stadium of Barcelona. We just wanted to walk randomly around and enjoy the weather which was surprisingly hot. There were few spots where you could perfectly see the whole city. And also the sea.

We walked a lot again and I think my feet hurt like the day before. We also found the greek theatre and spend some time sitting there, looking around and imagining all the people who might have sat there in older times. I had my first sunburn that day because I didn't expect the sun to be that strong and I left my sunscreen in the hostel.

In the evening we just sat outside at the hostel on the terrasse and enjoyed the evening air, had some good pasta and wine.


 We stood up very early and went to the beach. We planned a dream day and we actually got one. The whole day we spend at the beach and didn't do much but laying around lazily, reading, sleeping, swimming.

This time I had my sunscreen with me and also put it on several times because a tiny dermatologist was sitting on my shoulder telling me I should protect my sensible skin. Good decision. I good a little sunburn, but not so bad as it could be. I even got some healthy colour.

It was sad that it was the last day though. We had such a beautiful trip and I fell in love with Barcelona. I definately want to come back. Maybe I will learn some catalan before that.

I want to thank Marie for this wonderful trip. I think that it was really good for us and that we celebrated love and life in our own way. I love you very much!



  1. the pictures are really beautiful again! I also love the pictures of the sea... it looks somehow like freedom.

    1. Such a lovely comparison. Thank you, dear!