Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

Barcelona Day 1 + 2. De cara de gente extranjera, Conocida, desconocida He vuelto a ser transparente.

The Inspiration for this city, Barcelona, appeared when I first watched the movie 'Vicky Christina Barcelona' by Woody Allen. I told Marie about it and when she watched it, the same urge to see this place came to her. Although you only see little of the city in that movie it was the feeling of that place that shone through the blends of the motion picture, that made me want to feel it in person. On each link you will find music.
So, Marie and me, we chose this journey as a celebration of life!

First night in Barcelona and we slept at the airport. Our flight was booked late and no train or busses were going anywhere around that time, so although we were warned, we chose to sleep at the airport. Turns out, we were not the only ones! There were several people in all the corners snoring and not caring a bit. Some even had sleeping bags. We managed to sleep maybe... two hours then we were woken up by some staff around 4am. We still had some time until we would take the train into the city, but a cafe was open and we had probably the best coffee of our lifes.In the last photo you see me... at 4am.

Around 6:30am we were finally on the way to Barcelona City. It took us around 30 minutes. The trainstations of the metro are a real mess there. Several times we lost our way. Somehow we managed to reach the hostel around 8am. Thankfully someone was there and we could store our suitcases because our beds where still occupied obviously. We were actually at the end of our strength but we wandered the streets of our area Eixample. We were stunned. So many beautiful buildings were just standing there for daily use of an insurance company or some sort. Somewhere we found a church with a courtyard. We kind of stumbled over it and it was really calming. We also found a new favourite café. Speaking of which: Barcelona is pretty much chain free. Just sometimes you see a Subway or McDonalds, but the cafés, coffeehouses and bars are everywhere, each in their own style and personality.

At first I felt kind of indimidated by all this individuality. In Germany it feels like we are all just copies on repeat.

We checked in at our hostel around 12 pm. The girl before us left quite a mess, but it also seemed like she was living there for some time now and just moved about the beds. After a shower and a two hour nap, we felt our strength coming back and went to the supermarket. I love foreign supermarkets! It tells you so much about the people and their culture. (Some photos are by Marie, btw. You see our hostel and in the last photo our food supply.)

The night wasn't very good. Everyone was very noisy and one of the other two roomies had his cellphone alarm ringing but didn't wake up. (ehem...) When it finally was quite around 1am I fell properly asleep and woke up 7 hours later. I didn't feel fully rested but it was fine because we didn't plan on a stressful day. It was my birthday! =)

When I stood up I couldn't find Marie but found out soon that she went to the nearest bakery to buy some birthday muffins. We then celebrated my birthday breakfast and she gave me a lovely present! Although... the whole day was a present I would say!

We then had a relaxed morning with a long shower, tea, surfing the web, talking alot. The weather wasn't so nice unfortunately so after we had a small lunch around 1pm we went to the area around El Raval and Barri Gòtic. A nice café/bar was recommended to me which we found easily although well hidden and wandered through the streets, taking photos. We were at the cathedral and the harbour just name a few.

After some hours we took the metro back to our area Eixample and had a small dinner at some nice place around the corner of our hostel. Also we had our first glass of wine in Barcelona, my birthday wine.
Funny story: When we tried to order fries we got chips instead! haha, really embarrasing...

Next part will be all about the wednesday!



  1. so many great pictures~ *_* you look so cute on everyone, I love them! Also Marie is just a cutie! Barcelona seems to be beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I also kind of like all the photos I'm in. That's good I guess.