Freitag, 19. September 2014

Life is a timemachine - the last part

I developed my latest and for now last timemachine. As some remember I always used single-use cameras as timemachines. I think this one is around half a year old, maybe more. I decided to put a stop on my experiment for a while and now use my analogue relfex camera. We will see how that'll turn out.

So let's start... what do we have here...:

As you can see in the first picture the lake at the Öjendorfer Park was still frozen when I started the timemachine. The second photo also looks quite cold but it's in another part of the area where I live. Next to a walkway to the Öjendorf Graveyard. That bench is also along the walkway. That little blue house as well. I found it so cute and little.

The first one is in the Öjendorfer Park. I don't know why I took it. The second one is me (with a derp face), Marie and Jenn. It was Jenns birthday as far as I remember. and yes, we were drunk. Then an evening view out of my window.

When my cousin and my grandma visited at my mums birthday this year in June. We had a nice day in Hamburg. These photos were at Harbour City and the Harbour. I think the first two are my favourite of the whole set.

First picture is also somehwere in Hamburg, I forgot the name of that street. But it's around St. Michaelis. Again a photo out of my room in the evening. Than Öjendorfer Park again. And me at Öjendorfer Park being real tired of my s***.

The last photo I took not only with this single-use camera but also with my digital camera as you can see in the last post. And also in one of my videos linked there.

On sunday I will travel to Barcelona for a few days together with Marie. We had this dream for quite some time now and finally we will make it. I'm really looking forward to this.