Sonntag, 31. August 2014

The dying summer

I don't make a lot of photos at the moment, let alone filming something. Because of work and daily life routine, it feels like my third eye is most of the time completely closed off. Doesn't feel good actually but usually I ignore it. Still, sometimes I manage to open that eye at least for a glimpse. So here are some photos of the dying summer and two videos. It's nothing special, but it felt good for me. The camera is shaky like always. It's not perfect, just like me. It's how I see the things around me, beauty in the little things. The videos are not meant to be sad although it might feel that way. For me they are actually quite happy. There is light. There is the sun.

The first video was made with clips out of my roomwindow. The second was made at the Öjendorfer Park.

I took the photos when I was filming the second video. Some views looked better on a photo than on moving pictures.

Cheers, mates~


  1. The videos are wonderful and I love these kind of entrys from you. I love the pictures you take and the videos you made.