Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

'Life lays in your heart like in a coffin.'

This concert was kind of spontanousely planned. When I booked my tickets for Bonaparte in October, I saw in my event list, that Soap&Skin will be playing a concert very soon in Hamburg. In the past it usually was sold out so I was surprised that there were still tickets available. The only question I asked me then, if there was anyone to go with me... I found a victim (Spaceboy). Actually the only person I know who listens to Soap&Skin and knows her music. I would have gone alone to that concert but I had the feeling I would be very convincing to come with me. She (Anja Plaschg) doesn't give many concerts, usually they are also sold out, or she isn't even playing in Hamburg at all.

 I have the big three musicians by now I wan't to see/listen to live in my life and that would be Björk, Antony and the Johnsons and Soap&Skin. This time I was able to fulfil one of those wishes. There used to be Florence and the Machine and Dir en grey. Florence I was able to see live once and well, Dir en grey I have seen so often live enough for a lifetime I guess. The other two will be quite harder actually. I will probably have to travel to another country for that.

Back to topic: The concert was at the Uebel & Gefährlich again. Somehow all the concerts I went to and will go to are there. The sound isn't the best though, but I still like the location and it's style. It wasn't sold out but still full enough to hit Break Even. I was actually thankful that it wasn't stuffed because it's isn't that kind of music were I could bare lack of space and air. We found a nice place from a little far away but we could see the stage and the piano perfectly. That was good for me because I wanted to suck in deeply everything I could hear and see. There is not much music left that can touch me so deeply that it's a essentially dangerous for me, like Dir en grey still is or also newly found out that Tool can push me over a cliff that I can't listen to it that often. It doesn't mean I don't like it, but I guess ... you know what I mean. Soap&Skin I still listen to but only when I feel strong. Which doesn't mean I can't break out in tears sometimes. But as I read some time ago: Melancholia is a happy place for melancholic people. Because it's about feeling understood on a level that your heart opens up in a way you usually don't allow it to.
The concert was about to start at 9pm. Anja was little late, around 20 Minutes maybe. On stage there was her grand piano, her laptop and the mic-stand for her and her sister Evelyn who supports her sometimes with her voice. When Anja came on stage it was mainly dark, the intro was long and also something I didn't know. Because the sound isn't so good at that location you had to get used to the presence of her voice. It's of course already very present on here CDs but live it's still different. Followed by that Intro the light went on a little more, you could see that she cut off her long red hair completely and also look so thin that you thought there was sitting a little boy. She then played Big Hand Nails Down introducing the song the long sound of a clock as you know it also from the original. I don't have the order of the setlist in my mind I only know the main amount of the songs she played. I know at the beginning she played many songs where she played the piano and her sister was her backing vocal. The classics of course like Thanatos, Cynthia, Fall Foliage, or Spiracle, but also of the latest album Deathmental or Cradlesong.

'You ask why I keep still
why I don't pour it out into the night
You know
You know if it rises and floats
It effaces every piece of light'

One song I barely only know from Youtube was Sorrounded followed by Pray of the latest Single. The sister went off stage for a while then so she could play alone these songs. 'You came and read the current and the gas | You closed the doors in our house politely |Like someone who isn't well versed in life.' She combines her piano playing and voice with songparts she saved on her laptop and sometimes there is a small pause in her play when pushes the button to start one of those parts. It doesn't really bother you actually especially when you know what is coming at those parts when she pushes the button than you have a second to hold your breath. Her middle break was Meltdown (something I also know just of Youtube) and it is a Clint Mansell Cover. It's kind of a kick in the stomach that thing especially when you see live how she hammers on her piano. Then she walked off stage while the rest of the electronic part of the song played on.
Of course she came back followed by her sister. She played Voyage Voyage, a french cover, where she sometimes broke off her play stroke away a tear. It's a very beautiful interpretation. Similar heartbreaking maybe even more was the song Lost where she really had trouble singing because of crying. The piece is actually the Sehnsuchtswalzer by Schubert were she put over her own lyrics. 'Still sitting, staring, watching how love had to live and no more things to give.'
When she played The Sun behind her a very bright warm spotlight was fitting to the topic of the sun up behind her and got brighter and brighter. I really like the lyrics of that one and the piano.

'She dawns, she burns
She grows, she feeds
She spews, she dies above us
and builds the shadows
which faces myself
She drives me into the black hole'

Well, she of couse also played my mental breakdown song: Vater. I don't want to talk much about it, only it's in german, you have to get used to it, she wrote it for her father who died. The song shows me the future when I have go through that one day. Only listen to that song if you are really interested and feel in a strong state. Spaceboy doesn't like the song because she has many rhimes in there which feel a little too intentional.
Then she switched places with her sister, Evelyn was at the piano and she stood infront of the stage with a micro and they played Me and the Devil. It's also of the latest single. Anja was dancing in her own kind of way. Her sister went off stage then and she pushed a button on her laptop to play Marche Funèbre. The last one before the encore was SUGARBREAD. That is the actual latest Single. It's a mighty one I think. I love it also beause of the video. The base was shaking us through and through.

There was the break for the encore. I believe she played Boat turns toward the port then but I could be wrong. She also tried another song but her voice left her and she apologised. She was clearly very unhappy about that. After a short break she tried another one, a cover called The End. It's kind of her humor you could say. Just to mark and to be clear this is really the end.

At first I didn't want to write anything about this concert but stuck with me since last thursday so I had to. I didn't do that in quite a while and know how good it is for me to write about stuff like this. Soon a job will start (this week actually) where I have the feeling that I will learn very much but also be quite unbalanced because of the daily ryhthm. So I have to find my way back to writing, photos and painting to keep the balance.


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