Montag, 20. Januar 2014

'Shake your hips like battleships.'

It's about this time again, when I completed a timemachine and want to show you what kind of results I've got. I'm very satisfied with this one, veeery much. I will upload every one of the photos, even the almost black ones because each photo is part of the concept.

1. It starts with my moving out. It's my room when I moved in and how empty it was then.
2. The view of the tower of the St. Nikolai Church, it's Hamburg. I believe I was there with my cousin Peter and his girlfriend.
3. The sister of my roomie Basti. The photo was taken by her little daughter. She saw that camera and asked me if she could take a photo. I knew it would be too dark but I let her anyway. Fits perfectly in the concept and she is too cute to say No to.
4. Well, that's me being dorky. Don't ask. I was in Schwerin I think...

5. A house facade in Schwerin.
6. Schwerin. On my last birthday. Some might remember, my cousins went shopping with me and out of the sudden asked me to close my eyes and then dragged me to a nice new cupcake place they discovered.
7. Me eating one of those cupcakes. My cousin wanted to make photos with that camera.
8. Me drinking coffee.

9. Me drinking tea. I should not have given my cousin that camera.
10. Well, some might remember my birthday/our housewarming party. I don't, because I had way too much to drink but someone took my camera and took photos with it. What a nice surprise! This is Maxime, a friend of my roomie Basti on our balcony.
11. Also our balcony. You see on the left part of a friend of Basti and on the right, for a change, the forehead of Joscha, my other roomie. (I was told by now that actually me took the photos... I can't remember doing so. ha.)
12. Me again, don't ask. Don't know when but I believe in Schwerin again.

13. At the Öjendorfer Park. I think when I was there out for a walk with Joscha.
12. Another one at Öjendorfer Park
13. Now there will be many shots out of my window from different days and times.
14. Out of my window. I should have cleaned my scanner...

15. Out of my window.
16. Out of my window.
17. Out of my window. A very nasty fog.
18. The motorcycles at my hostel I stayed at the first night in London.
19. At Öjendorfer Park again, on some lazy sunday with good weather I went alone for a walk.
20. At Öjendorfer Park as well.
21. Such as this one.
22. This is the last photo, also at the park, and I believe one of my favourites.

I hope you enjoyed the timemachine journey of my last 5 months. I know I did!


  1. Die Bilder sind total gelungen! Die Himmel.. <3 wunderschön! Und mag die Bilder wo du Kaffee trinkst! Und der Ötjendorfer Park sieht echt toll aus ;__;

    1. Danke! Ich bin auch wirklich begeistert, wieviel mit so einer kleinen Einwegkamera geht... <3

  2. Wow, wirklich toll. Ich mag deine Fotos total.