Samstag, 14. Dezember 2013

'But the fire is coming so I think we should run' - London part I

As some may know I had a trip to London for a couple of days to visit my good friend Sarah. I stayed around 5 days. I thought it was perfect timing for a trip for all the things that are happening in my live, good things mainly, but still also a little overpowering. I had a journey diary from which I will quote some time. I will also put some music in as my journeys soundtrack, as well as photos of course. Although this time I didn't make as many photos as I did last time. Mostly I just wanted to see everyting around me without a filter.

'Don't know what we're doing
Don't know what we've done
But the fire is coming
So I think we should run'

"The plan was the first night I would sleep in a hostel because Sarah would be at a christmas party of her office. Quite an adventure for me. The last time I was on my own in a very big city was in Tokyo. Many people would say: 'Come on! When you managed Tokyo without knowing anybody, how can this be a challenge for you?' What they don't get is, people change! Places are different, people are different & furthermore I am different than in Tokyo. In many things in my life I made a step forward but in this I have the feeling I made a step back. Maybe less selfesteem or maybe too many things happened, that this became a hard thing for me to face. I wasn't afraid or something, I actually saw this as a test. I know I have changed & I feel like that there are many things I can't do like I used to, but what can I say? I'm sitting in this hostel at the bar right now & nothing bad happened. I actually managed quite well. So I guess I was proved wrong when I thought that I can't do this anymore. I actually can & I am very sweet to everyone without me feeling like lying."

I was really looking forward to see Sarah the next day and I could barely wait. Last year she visited me during christmas time in Hamburg and this year it is me who visits her. Later we talked about that we wanted to make a tradition of it. I kind of liked that idea.
The pressure had been weird in the plane and my ears clogged up a bit, so for two days I had really trouble hearing and understanding people when they talked to me. It was a little tiring. On the pictures you see a little bit of my hostel interior. If you are interested it was Palmers Lodge Hillspring. I can really recommend it, I felt very save (I booked in the only women compartment), it was tidy, the people were nice, only the coffee and orange juice for breakfast was awful.

'Give me one reason to stay here
And I'll turn right back around
I said I don't wanna leave you lonely
you got to make me change my mind'

"After I fell into a quite comatose sleep, very early I woke up already at 6:30. I was lying around for an hour (my alarm was set for 8:30). I managed to get up (one of the other two roomies was up already, the other one would continue to sleep for the next 2 hours) and went for a shower. It was ice cold but somehow not so bad. My ears were a little clearer again and I wasn't feeling like and old grannie anymore, but they still felt quite weird.
The I had breakfast. It was plain simple. Cereals, toast with jam, bad coffee and even worse orange juice. But it was included in the price, so what the hell. While I was eating and reading, a little boy came over to sit infront of me at the table with a book of his own. He grinned at me in a smug way, because we were the only ones reading there, while everyone was noisy or sitting there with their tablets (you know, PC-thingies). I noticed the English have it quite more with the tablets than the germans. They are somehow everywhere with these things. Barely I see anyone with a book."

I met up with Sarah at Baker Street and we walked through Regents Park, followed by Primrose Hill. Of that Hill, which is basically just a hill, we could see over London as you can see in the pictures. From Primrose Hill it's not so far to Camden Town, so we walked there, through some interesting or pretty streets and canals. The 6th photo you see below is the house where Sylvia Plath used to live btw.

"...the canals. It was really beautiful to walk by there. It all seemed so calm, far away, not many people & then you turn around a corner and you are suddenly right in the middle of staples market, sorrounded by so many people. Beirut was sounding out of some boxes and this coincedence made it even more perfect for me."

We had some tea and scones, walked a little over Staples Market (insane idea on a saturday full of tourists) and then we went home to Sarahs apartment in Hackbridge (around 25 min. with Southern Line from Victoria Station). She lives there together with her boyfriend Jonathan (short: Jon), who is a very nice fella. We talked whole evening mainly about food and I havn't enjoyed talking about that topic so much before. Especially when we went to a supermarket to have something to eat for the evening. While Sarah was busy getting the things of our list, Jon and I walked around and talked about all the food that we found interesting. "I believe that a super market really tells you something about the country." Something that was really interesting for me was all the food offerings London has. So much cafes, diners, restaurants, mini-super markets at every corner of many different cultures. I have never seen so much in one place. I found as much fascinated as well as worrisome. The supermarket was similar to our famila or toom, but somehow still different. It was... posh. Food is cool, for Londoners. Food is not necessary to stay alive becuse you have so much of it, but it is cool. At first Jon and Sarah didn't know what I ment when I talked about that to them, but after I told then that, they somehow started to realise what I was talking about when they looked around. It's often that you don't see something until someone is pointing that out for you.
"But still so many young people in London barely eat at home, barely cook, prepare food. They always buy it ready somewhere, grab a bite somewhere. So in that manner, Sarah cooked dinner & we had wine, a nice talk and watched some british TV."

end of part I,



  1. I really like this entry a lot and how you wrote it ;__; <3
    I understand the thing with the tablets... I also prefer books over Ipads or anything.
    In general..this was really interesting. And I think I can somehow understand your feelings with booking the hostel. It would be a big test for me too, somehow. (Even calling someone is a test, haha ._.)