Samstag, 14. Dezember 2013

'And so I long for your beacon riverside Where I rest tonight' - London part II

'I've been so tired
One child, I wait for room to spare
I can't wait, child, and ride
It's all an empire long beheaded'

The sunday was quite an relaxing day. Sarah and Jon were sleeping long, me of course was awake already quite early. I watched a british cooking show. Some dude who puts everything into pies. Some things looked delicious and some things just insane. "We had the typical british breakfast. Eggs, toast, bacon & beans and I dicovered my love for brown sauce. Then me and Sarah took the train to Bricklane to see the Sundays Up Market again. The last time in London I was there already and I really liked it so much that I had to go again. Some things changed but some remained the same. Like Kitty Valentine was still there. I bought a little something for me and christmas presents. We continued to walk along Bricklane until it got dark and we took the train to Southbank because Sarah wanted to show me the christmas market. It's pretty much a german christmas market with Glühwein and Schokoküssen. But we also saw a pretty arcade and people ice skating. We decided to get take out at home so we could eat together with Jon. Jon is Malaysian so we had malaysian food of a place that is very well loved by the malaysians around that area because it tastes like home. The food was so good!! I have never eaten malaysian before and while Sarah and Jon were chatting while eating I could barely say a thing because my mouth was always stuffed with some goodness. Later that night we watched a funny british TV show called 'Black Books' which I liked so much, I decided to buy it."

Oh you can wait
For what I can give
You know what I am
So you know how I live

The next day Sarah and Jon had to work, so I went on my own into town. "I took the train to Oxford Street and actually wanted to find a cash machine but instead I lost my way through diverse shops." In the end I found some nice stuff (including Black Books Season 1-3) and still no cashing machine, somehow I also had no idea where I was and took a rest in a tearoom for a tea and a sandwich. After I was recharged I was able to manage to find a way to a street I already knew from one day before. I don't how but somehow I ended up there. So I was walking up to St. Pauls, found a cash machine thankfully, had a quick look into the Tate Modern and then went to Sarahs workplace at Moorgate. I was a little early so I waited with a tea at Starbucks, until Jon arrived as well. When Sarah came off work we went together to the bar Nightjar. This bar is quite an event and as far as I know the second best bar in the world. Although Sarah said, who was at the very best bar in the world as well, that Nightjar should actually be the best bar in the world. You had to book a table and when we arrived, it wasn't a shop or anything, it was just a door crammed between two other doors and security looked at his list, if we are actually allowed to go downstairs. Yes, downstairs. The design of this bar is very 20s, as well as the music. If you click on the link you will see some more pictures because I wasn't able to take a good one of the interior. It was very dark. The drinks were not cheap, but they were so worth it.

The first two ones are the ones I had. Nightjar Boulevardiere (Whiskey, Vermouth, Absinth, Campari) and Twelve Mile Limit (Bourbon, Rum, Cognac, Sesame, Grenadine, Lemon). The third picture is Absinth, Jon ordered it for himself. On a mondays night, haha. Anyway I'm usually a wine person and not so much for cocktails or drinks, but these... they were really really good. The first one was kind of smokey with the fresh and bitterness of the Campari and the second one was fruity with the strong taste of rum.
After that we went to a vietnamese place to have dinner and then took the train home.

end of part II,



  1. Great pictures...!!!! You really have an eye for it (well, we know this before, didn't we, haha.)
    The drinks look great!