Freitag, 29. November 2013

'There is a story in which my eyes shut'

No, I'm not dead, just very bad in updating this blog. Please forgive me for the lack of care. It's not like nothing is happening, I just choose what I want to talk about here and what not. And sometimes... I just forget. ha.

I'm working some jobs at the moment and I'm quite satisfied with it. I have something to do, feel productive and get money. I don't want more right now. Some keep asking me, what my aim is, but I don't have one. I think that is my aim at the moment. To don't have an aim, just do whatever comes up and what I like to do.

So last weekend was nice weather and I went to the Öjendorfer Park again and filmed a little. The sun was very comforting, so she is my theme in this video. I was listening to Beirut (1, 2, 3) all the time while wandering through the park, drinking tea and eating cookies. Rarely I feel so content with everything around me, so I should just enjoy it while it lasts.

Sun from RaikaXY on Vimeo.

Also... I started a third tumblr. It's just with stuff I write, diary entries from the past and present with the time, thoughts and quotes that wander around in my hmind. When you are interested, follow, but don't feel obligated.

Collecting questions.

Next week I will travel to London, visit my friend Sarah for 6 days. I can't wait! We are planning on seeing a play with Ben Wishaw and Rupert Grint. Of course I will do blog entries about my trip, hopefully with a lot of photos.

Cheers, mates~


  1. enjoy your trip to London.
    it's a nice thing to do what you like, keep it up ♥