Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

New place, new sights, new heights

As I already mentioned in some posts before this summer I moved to a new apartment, out of the place with mum and my brother, and together with two other roommates. I would introduce you properly, but I don't think they would do that right now with pictures and all. Maybe in some near future there will be photos, but the ones I have at the moment are of the housewarming party and they are... not really flattering for every person on those photos. We will see. My roomies are Sebastian and Joscha, just in case I mention a name I havn't mentioned before.

Actually this post will show you first of all my room. Some time ago I already uploaded photos on tumblr with the steps of how I decorated my wall over my bed. Here they are again:

Also by now I can show you some other parts of my room. Bookcase, mirror and vinyl player. The rest is just a wardrobe and my desk with my computer.

Last week Sebastian was showing me the way to the Öjendorfer Park, which is kind of close to our place and some days later I dragged Joscha with me to go there again, because it was nice weather and I wanted to make some photos. These are the first impressions of that park. I guess I will go there more often to see the seasons and make photos.

By now I feel pretty much at home and I can't imagine going back to live with my mother. Also I'm very happy that I met Sebastian and Joscha. It really means a lot to me that I feel so comfortable around them.

Also I wanted to bring up my photo tumblr again. I recently started to occupy myself with the analogue photography once more. I looked through old photos I made and scanned them and loaded them up on my photo tumblr. Also in future I want to continue making analogue photos. So here is the link to my photo tumblr:


And those who want to see the analogue photos in particular, here is the link with the tag 'analogue':




  1. es ist wirklich schön zu lesen, dass du dich so wohl in deinem neuen zu Hause fühlst. und der See im Park ist ja toll *__*

    1. Ja, der Park ist wirklich wunderschön. Ich will mir auch die anderenJahreszeiten unbedingt dort ansehen. Wie er sich dann verändert und so...

    2. ich freu mich auf Bilder der verschiedenen Jahreszeiten *-*

  2. ich finde deine Mitbewohner klasse und mag dein Zimmer total :3 konnte ja nicht von den Bildern wegschauen <3