Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

International Garden Exhibition Hamburg

A new blog entry is by far overdue, so here I come. Actually these incidents were in August, so also already some time ago. But anyway, I was with some parts of the family of my mum at the 'igs' (International Garden Exhibition), which was held up until now in Hamburg.
It was quite a nice day, at least in the morning there was some sun, but later on just clouds and also a little rain. But I didn't stay until the heavy rain started. The night before my best friend came over and we drank together with my roomie (by now I have two roomies, but that time it was just one) until early in the morning. You can imagine, while my best friend and roomie were still sleeping I had to wander through the gardens of the igs. I was mainly... super tired and slightly hung over. One of my greataunts was making fun of me, because besically I'm always hung over when I see this part of the family. I was always on some party or something the night before, so they just know me with a lot of remained alcohol in the system. Kind of sad, but I try to see it the bright way.

So here are the photos:

Of course you see mainly flowers and garden stuff. Ultimately it's a garden exhibition right? Ha. I feel so funny today... ehem. They had some quite pretty things there, although... I usually think it's kind of illusional to find artificial nature as beautiful as real nature. Although... what is really real nature nowadays?

I hope I will be able to upload soon some more photos... maybe about the apartment and also the brithday/housewarming party.

Cheers, mates~


  1. manche der Fotos sind total schön *__* und das "manche" bezieht sich jetzt nicht auf deine Fotografierkünste, sondern auf die Motive, die ich eher bevorzuge xD ♥

    ich würde mich über mehr Einträge von dir freuen *-* (ist die blaue Blume in unserem Strauß eigentlich aufgegangen?)

    1. Das freut mich sehr! Waren wirklich viele schöne Blumen da <3

      Ich versuche die Tage noch mehr zu posten =D Auch von dem Strauß von euch. Der lebt noch und sieht noch total schön aus!

    2. dann warte ich auf mehr von dir *-*

  2. Ich finde die Bilder total toll *-* und dein Mantel ist soooo schön ;___;