Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional."

Oh well, as promised the post about my birthday / our housewarming party. My plan that day was to take some tea in the afternoon with some friends, and those who'd like could also stay for the housewarming party that evening.
I was a little stressed out at first when the teatime started, because it's quite some time ago that I held a real party with more than 5 people, so I first had to find my groove. In the end I was quite thankful for the helpings hands who supported me. The teaparty was held in the room of one my roomies, because he has couches. And a coffee table. And a TV, although we didn't use that one. I was putting on vinyl in my room, Beatles, Elvis and so on. It's a habit of mine and I think the others liked it too. I think. Anyway, of course there are photos! I didn't make them though. I just gave my camera to Marie and my cousin Katrin and they made all the photos with my camera. But I have also some photos who were made by my friend Carina.

First I show you the coffee table:

 Nici and Carina baked me a cherry chocolate cake with Game of Thrones motif (it's the direwolf of the Stark family, my favourite family). It looks great, doesn't it? Was also super tasty! Another good friend of mine and her husband baked a vegan chocolate cake, which was very yummie as well. I didn't bake, ha! I just bought some cupcakes, which you can see in the picture too. Somehow I ended up eating them sometimes, because no one else would. I guess I won't buy cupcakes again, when no one wants to eat them... the excuse that they look so pretty doesn't count for me anymore!
So we just talked, ate cake, drank coffee and tea. I was very happy that all these wonderful people came and spend some time together.

I didn't make a photo of the presents I got for my birthday, though some people asked me to. I actually enjoyed them mostly for myself, but I can say that I got quite a lot of awesome DVDs, nice english books and a beautiful art book about Renoir. The only thing I have a photo of is the present I bought for myself. A selfmade analogue two lense camera. See the picture below.

Yes, I put this together myself. Like Lego for grown ups. I think all together I needed around 4 to 5 hours. But it was worth it. I love it! I didn't start to take photos with it yet though. But soon...

Here are also some photos of the people who were there.

 And well then, the afternoon was over, the evening started with the housewarming party and everything went into a big blur...

 Seriously, there are more photos of that night, but I thought that I rather not load them up. I think there some people quite thankful for that (especially I am thankful to me for that decision. Ehem.). Most people on the photos look very drunk (no, not just me!) which we were (or it was just me, not sure). All I can say that later that week we got a letter of the property management that a neighbour complained. I find this rather funny.

Cheers indeed, mates~


  1. haach, deine Teatime Tische sehen immer so toll aus ♥ und die Kuchen waren lecker und die Gäste waren toll und du wrst so süß am Ende XD ♥
    UND! es gibt sogar ein Bild, auf welchem du löchelst ♥

    1. awww~ ich hab mich echt so gefreut, dass ihr da wart und mich am Ende nicht zu peinlich fandet xDDD~ und jaaa~ <333