Mittwoch, 14. August 2013

Puppen im Park

My dear fellas, I know in know... long time no read. You probably are asking yourself: what was she doing the past few months, that she didn't do any updates.? Well, here I go finally with an update. But just one. It's not like I didn't do anything, I merely worked very much and I also moved to a new apartment together with two other guys. I don't have a photo of my room yet, because it's not finished, but... last weekend I was visiting my family in Schwerin again and we went to Puppen im Park in Ludwigslust. I had a great time and was kinda very giddy. Because of all the work and moving I had no time seeing them and I missed them so much, that I was probably very annoying, when I saw them again. But noone seemed to mind when I cuddled my cousins all the time. I usually don't do that, so maybe that's why...

There was a lot of coffee and alcohol involved in this weekend, not a lot of sleep as well, but a lot of laughing and celebrating. On saturday we went to, as I said, Puppen im Park in Ludwigslust, and I made some photos, but most of the time I gave the camera to my two cousins, which is the reason why I am on some photos as well for a change. We had lovely weather, it wasn't too warm, did a picknick before the programme started and then walked around. In the park around the castle of Ludwigslust were 25 little stages with 25 different programmes (they repeated their programmes 4 times during the evening), artists, clowns and musicians.

 You see here as well some forest people of whom I liked their dress up very much.

Then there is my favourite artists of the evening, a flute player. He just played the flute and made pantomimic jokes. I havn't laughed so much in a long while. First just me, my big cousin Johannes and very small cousin Helene saw him performing and we liked him so much, that we searched for the others who were somewhere else in the park, to take them watch it as well again. So we watched his programme two times and it was still funny. I'm usually not in such a silly mood, so I tried to enjoy it as much as possible. (Here is the website of the flute player btw.)

 On the photos you also see some walking performances, my two cousins Johannes and Peter, also my uncle, as well as me and Helene, she was doing my hair while we were watching a funny performance by and british man. A photo of my cousin Peter and his girlfriend Laura, also groupphoto of the godfather of my cousin Johannes, Helene, my aunt and me. I know, many people, much family and you don't have to be interested in that at all, I just think that the photos my cousin Katrin made are very good. Only the photos at the beginning are by me, in between some made by Helene, but mostly by Katrin.

Well, it was a very lovely day and I hope you like the photos. I try to upload soon a photo of my room when it's ready.

Cheers, mates~

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